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  • Upgrade required: Yes
  • Description: Wield the Light to save those trapped by Darkness! You are an UndeadSlayer meant to free the souls of unwilling trapped by the agents of Evil. Face down your foes, knowing you have the power of Light, Might and Right on your side!
  • Location: Doomwood, The Keep. (/join lightgaurd)
  • Price: 50,000 gold (Rank 10 DoomWood Reputation Required) or 2000 AC (for non 10 rank DoomWood)
  • Sellback: 12,500 Gold (If bought for 50,000), Rank 10 Reputation

Class Overview


Auto Attack.png

Auto Attack

Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers.

Unlocks at: 1 rank

Mana Cost: 0

Cooldown: 2 seconds


Description: A powerful spirit attack, damage enhanced by spirit power. More effective against undead.

Unlocks at: 1 rank

Mana Cost: 10

Cooldown: 2 seconds


Spirit of healing

Description: Heal yourself with spirit power. Amount healed increased with spirit power.

Unlocks at: 2 rank

Mana Cost: 20

Cooldown: 10 seconds


Vorpal strike

Description: A strong attack enhanced by spirit power.

Unlocks at : 3 rank

Mana Cost: 10

Cooldown: 5 seconds

Dragon Lance

Description: The UndeadSlayer's ultimate attack. Requires at least 20 Spirit Power to use. Consumes ALL Spirit Power.

Unlocks at : 5 rank

Mana Cost: 30

Cooldown: 30 seconds

Passive Skills

Unlock at Rank: 4

Passive Skill.png


Passive Ability:Increase Endurance by 15%

Passive Skill.png

Blessed Speed Burst

Passive Ability:Increase Haste by 10%

Unlock at Rank: 10

Passive Skill.png

Spirit Surge

Passive Ability:Small chance that using one of your skills other than Auto-Attack may result in instantly maxing out your Spirit Power.

Tips On Enhancements

[1. Combination]

Class: Magical

Weapon: Fighter

Helm: Luck

Cape: Healer

[2. Combination]

Class: Fighter

Weapon: Fighter

Helm: Fighter

Cape: Fighter

Tip: 2. Combination is super and lots of hp

Class: Lucky

Weapon: Fighter

Helm: Fighter

Cape: Fighter

Tip: 3. Combination Gives Lots Of Hp As Well As Luck


  • Armor will need enhancement before use.
  • Undead Slayers absorb spirit orbs from undead enemies and use that spirit power to improve their ability to defeat undead enemies. Max. spirit power is 200.
  • Deals very high damage against undead monsters.
  • Has one of the biggest heals in game, but it can only be used on yourself.
  • Like most of Dage's designs, this class is based off a Blizzard Entertainment creation. The base class looks like the Marines from Warhammer 40,000.
  • Good class but in PvP not so great due to players not being undead.
  • Original art had a cross on the armor but was removed prior to its release.
  • Despite its name, unlike Dragon Slayer, this class does good against ALL monsters, and can solo quite a few bosses, at the right level, such as the Fear Feeder, however it's at its best against undead enemies, and can solo Ultra Mega Vordred and even Extreme Noxus with the right level, skill combination, rank, and even luck.
  • Because the Dragon Lance ability consumes all of your Spirit Power, the attack is best used as a finishing move against undead bosses after building up Spirit Power and battering them down to low HP with Exorcise and Vorpal Strike.
  • The female has a full circle around the skull on the knee while the male doesn't.
  • Though Artix wears the Paladin Class armor, this is the class that best models his true abilities against the undead in the AdventureQuest Worlds storyline.
  • There is a great class points farming place in Doomwood Forest, exactly the challenge room.
  • If used correctly, you can hit up to 100,000 with this class.
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