Cauldron Sisters

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The Cauldron Sisters


During Mogloween:

During One Eyed Doll's Mogloween War 2010 Release:


Magical Candy Makers

Important Text

In Candyshop:

Before First Four Quests:

Thanks for helping us gather ingredients for this years batch of Cauldron Sister's Mogloween Candy, but I'm afraid that we need to ask for your help again…

After First Four Quests:

Myx: Hey hero! Thanks a lot for returning me to the Cauldron Sisters. The thought of never seeing any of their beautiful, perfect faces again was almost more than I could bear. But your work isn't done yet. When I was in there, the Candy Shoppe had a visitor. Whoever it was was responsible for making that Super Moglinster and nearly ruining the Cauldron Sisters. You have to find out who it was and stop them!

After Last Two Quests:

That takes care of Voltabolt but now we have a NEW crisis on our hands! Our Candy Corn suppliers haven't filled our order yet this year! Will you help us check out the Candy Cornfields? We'll meet you there!

In Candy Corn Farm:

Before Quests:

Our spells are turning up nothing so far. Keep looking around. You have to get to the bottom of this!

After Quests:

You did it! The Candy Corn harvest is starting to come in. That's another one that the Cauldron Sisters owe you! Thanks, hero! HAPPY MOGLOWEEN!

In Doll Stream:

Welcome to the WORLD PREMIERE of ONE-EYED DOLL'S video for their new hit single "YOU'RE A VAMPIRE"! This video, which you are seeing here before anywhere else, was created by director Patrick Kendall. this special version of the video, which was edited by Xyo, features AQW in-game art! Thanks for watching!


Quests in Candyshop

Quests in Candy Corn Farm

Mogloween 2009 AC Shop

Mogloween 2010 AC Shop

Mogloween 2010 Seasonal Candy Shop


  • Bubble (Bubble), Toil and Trouble are the Cauldron Sisters.
  • They give out various quests and allow access to various shops during Mogloween.
  • They may be a battleon entertainment version of the power puff girls.