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do not delete?

sepulcher is bound to debue in the game at some time at the begining then again we can remake the page again right?


Hes a NPC not a mod which is why its in the NPC catagory duh.

Hes Dead

Could someone add that he has been destroyed by draketh please. HES DEAD PLEASE SOMEONE ADD HES DEAD!!!

you the best boss ever

i do not like you that you died....*cry* long unlive Sepulchure

Hes not necessarily dead

Cysero once said: Don't think someones dead before you see the corpse. In Dragonfable for example we have been convinced and sure about Xan, Drakonnan and especially Warlic was dead, and been proven wrong. You never saw Sepulchures corpse, only his armor. Also Sepulchure is Doom and Darkness and so its hard to see hes really dead.

Look like Sepulchure

To look the most like Sepulchure as possible: Wear these..... Wear DoomKnight Hood as your Helm; (His real helm is not out yet)

Wear Unidentified 27 (Chameleon Cape) and make it pinkish.

Wear Sepulchure's Undead Blade as your Weapon;

and Wear DoomKnight Class as your Class!