Statue of King Alteon

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Statue of King Alteon
Statue of King Alteon
Text: The engraving on the podium reads:

Welcome to Battleon, heroes of Lore! Let all who pass through this land know they are under the protection of King Alteon the Good, rules of Swordhaven! The good people of Neverglades raised this statue to commemorate the 30th Anniversary of the battle of Shattersword, in which King Alteon defeated Graveclaw the Defiler.

Shattersword Behind-the-Scenes

  • How to Animate a Release in 24 Hours
    • /Party Up and Battle On to Get the New Zone Done!

Every week, the AQW team releases a new zone, usually with 2 or more cinematic movies to show the story's progress. Normally, it takes an animator 2-3 days to finish the movies, called "cutscenes," for each week's release. But the night before the Shattersword release went live, we got a call from our lead animator. A severe storm shut off his electricity, so he couldn't finish the cutscenes OR boss monster!

The AQW Team never backs down from a challenge or an opportunity to have fun making games, and this news was an opportunity to do BOTH! So we pulled in two team members who knew how to animate, gave them +15 Gauntlets of animation, and got ready to knock out DERP versions of the REAL cutscenes! 24 hours of frenzy led to the entire team and game getting turned upside down and inside out!

As soon as the animation for the planned cutscenes is finished, we will add those to the statue! The current, VERY silly versions of the cutscenes will stay in-game permanently to showcase how plans never turn out quite how you intended… but can sometimes be much funnier!
Location: /join Battleontown
Services: This statue has a link to Shattersword Cavern.
Quests: This Npc has no quests.