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Seasonal Rare Monster
This Monster was introduced during a special event (Frostval, Mogloween, etc.) and will be able to be battled again the next year the event comes back.

Level: 35
HP: 19,315
MP: 100
Difficulty: 3 Stars
Exp: Depends on level.
Class Points: Depends on rank.
Gold: Depends on level.
Inventory and Quest Item Drops
Inventory Items: Equipables:

Quest/Temporary Items:

Quest Items: Not Set
Location: Candy Corn Farm
* Stalkwalker is a recolored and redesigned version of Wisteria. Judging that it knows about the secrets of Chaos, it can be assumed that Stalkwalker works for Drakath.


  • She is based on He Who Walks Behind The Rows, the antagonist of the religious horror story Children of the Corn.