SleuthHound Inn

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SleuthHound Inn is a inn.

Workers/people with rooms

What they can say

(they = Handy the Butler, John the Butler, Poole the Butler, Jarvis the Butler, Didet the Butler, Sebastian the Butler, Honor the Maid, Eira the Maid and Moiselle the Maid)

When the monsters appeared, I was playing around with the ___ in the ___. Please don't tell Curry I was slacking off... he would fire me for sure!

Just before the onslaught of monsters, I took the ___ into the ___ for a basic dusting. If anyone had tried to sneak in, I would have noticed

There is no way someone could have summoned the monsters with the ___. At the time of the attack, I was busy buffing out the scratches on the handle while sitting in the ___.

___ is innocent, I tell yah! They were helping me clean the ___ when someone summoned the monsters!

All I know is that it couldn't have been ___, because I was busy chit-chatting with them in the ___ when the monsters were summoned.

I know for a fact that ___ is innocent. The two of us were admiring the crown moulding in the ___ when the monsters appeared.

The monsters couldn't have been possessed by the ___, because I distinctively remember seeing it as I was headed to the ___ to clean up.

Right before the monsters appeared, ___ and I were hanging out in the ___, catching up on old times. Did you know I used to date their best friend?

___ couldn't have dunit. They were with me when I was polishing the ___ right before the monsters appeared!