SandSea Slasher

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Exclusive Item
This item was introduced during a special event and is no longer available and will never be available again.

SandSea Slasher
The handle is forged of the hardest rock found in the desert. The blade is made of sand packed so tightly together it forms an edge sharp enough to cut steel. Take the fury of the Sandsea with you at all times!
Level Required: 1
Upgrade Required: No
Reputation Required: None
Equip Spot: Weapon
Equipment Type: Dagger
Attack Type: Melee
Location: Quibble Coinbiter's Shop - Battleon
Price: 250 AC
  • First 24 Hours: 225 AC
  • After 24 Hours: 63 AC
Damage: See Enhancements
SandSea Slasher.png