Sandsea Saloon

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Sandsea Saloon
Conveniently located in the middle of a barren desert, the Rusty Spittoon Saloon offers travelers refreshing Raspberry Smoothies and honky tonk jams.
Location Info
Level Required: 1
Location: saloon
Exits to: battleon
Shops and NPCs
Shops: None
NPCs: Black Boles, Charlie Morning, Henry Bonney, William Pickett, Annie Star, J6 and Robert Parker
Quests & Monsters
Quests: Monsters
Trash Can
J6 (Monster)
Monsters: none
  • It's easier when you have the Dwakel Decoder and J6's Secret Hideout Map. If you look on the map look everywhere until the red thing in the top-left is green. So when it's green click on the spot when the Dwakel Decoder turns green.
  • There is a Crystalized Dragons Breath item sitting in the furnace of J6's room.
  • You must answer all of J6's questions correctly to make it to Hyperium. By finishing all the quests with the NPC's in Saloon, you will be able to question them about J6 and answer correctly.