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Good Reputation

Good Reputation

To become Good

When you first create your character, you can choose your alignment at one of two key points. The first is in the throne room of King Alteon at the Castle during the battle with Sepulchure. The second is at the gates of Mobius, where you do battle with your first Chaos Lord, Escherion. Talk to Renn in order to become Good.

If you chose an Evil alignment at the start, you can switch to Good by going to the Castle and buying a contract for 100,000 Gold from King Alteon. Any Evil Reputation you have racked up before the switch remains intact, so it is possible to have Rank 10 reputation for both Good and Evil.

Class related to reputation

Before 01-07-2011 the Paladin Class required rank 10 Warrior Class and rank 10 Healer Class and Member (located in /join Swordhaven NPC: Artix). From 01-07-2011 it will require Rank 10 Warrior Class, rank 10 Healer Class and Member as well as rank 5 Good Reputation. This makes sense because a Paladin is first and foremost a warrior of Good with good healing skills. A lot of changed of skills and boosting damage... and exorcism... which is powerful especially when you blast undead opponents. Also, rank 10 of Paladin Class will unlock passive ability All-Team-Mate Heal. There will be a small chance on every attack to instantly do Ultimate Heal that will completely heal your party and make you invulnerable to damage for a short amount of time.

Get Good Reputation

Quests to gain reputation


King Alteon

Wolfwing (Area)


In the Wolfwing quest line, if you choose to give Wolfwing a second chance, you will gain 2500 rep once.


Captain Stratos

All quests here you can do only once.

The Quest in Airship no longer give good reputation, they now give Skyguard Reputation


All quests here you can do only once





Vasalkar Lair


All the quests are mem only

Love's Curse


Poison Forest


Banished and Swordhaven


Guide Farming for reputation

You have to take the easy quests first, but after that stay on the high rated.

Take the daily quests Skele-Tongue (members only), Battle Under Battleon (2000rep, daily) and Brace-r Yourself, to gain decent amouts of good reputation.

If you want to gain more on one day then accept Rumble With Grumble, kill Grumble and take 1000 rep each time; easiest if you team up and don't have to go all the Sewers before being at Grumble. Be sure to sell his sword it's a 2500gold bonus each time.also its good to have a quota you should follow.

Special items for this reputation

Castle - King Alteon - Swordhaven Shop

Tercessuinotlim - Girly Girl Shop

Tercessuinotlim - Nulgath formerly known as Miltonius AC shop

Tercessuinotlim - Polish Quests

Tercessuinotlim - Taro Blademaster Quest


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