Release Log/2014

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December 31st

  • All players will get 200 ACs for free when they log in!

December 30th

December 26th

December 24th

December 23rd

December 22nd

December 21st

December 20th

December 19th

December 18th

December 17th

December 16th

December 15th

December 14th

December 13th

December 12th

December 11th

December 10th

December 6th

December 5th

December 4th

December 3rd

December 2nd

December 1st

November 28th

November 27th

November 26th

November 25th

November 24th

November 22nd

November 21st

November 20th

November 18th

  • 10 new House Inventory slots have been added, 40 is the new maximum. Talk to Augold in Battleon Town to buy more.

November 14th

November 12th

November 11th

November 7th

November 4th

November 3rd

October 31st

October 30th

October 29th

October 26th

  • 15% bonus Rep, Class Points, Gold, and EXP on all servers. 25% bonus Rep, Class Points, Gold, and EXP on Legend servers.

October 25th

October 24th

October 17th

October 16th

October 15th

October 13th

October 12th

October 11th

October 10th

October 9th

October 7th

October 6th

October 4th

October 3rd

October 2nd

October 1st

September 30th

September 27th

September 26th

September 25th

September 22nd

September 19th

September 18th

September 17th

September 16th

September 12th

September 10th

September 9th

September 5th

September 2nd

September 1st

August 29th

August 28th

August 26th

August 25th


August 22nd

August 21st

August 18th

August 16th

August 15th

August 12th

August 11th

August 8th

August 7th

August 4th

August 1st

July 31st

July 26th

July 25th

July 23rd

July 22nd

July 21st

  • The J6 server has been re-added to the server list.

July 19th

July 18th

July 17th

July 16th

July 15th

July 14th

  • If you spun the Wheel of Doom or Destiny between July 1st and 5 PM server time today, you received 5 FREE Fortune Tickets to spin the Wheels of Doom or Destiny. If you're a Legend, you received 25 free Fortune Tickets!

July 11th

July 10th

July 8th

July 7th

July 4th

July 3rd

June 30th

June 27th

June 25th

June 24th

  • The new User Interface (UI) was released to the public on the UIPTR.

June 23rd

June 22nd

June 21st

June 20th

June 19th

June 17th

June 16th

June 15th

June 13th

June 11th

June 9th

June 8th

June 7th

June 6th

June 5th

  • Character page format has changed.
  • Profile pic maker has been added to character pages.

June 1st

May 30th

May 26th

May 23rd

May 21st

May 19th

May 16th

May 15th

May 14th

May 13th

May 11th

May 9th

May 7th

May 6th

May 5th

May 4th

May 3rd

May 2nd

May 1st

April 25th

April 23rd

April 22nd

  • New Misc. Item! ???

April 20th

April 18th

April 17th

April 16th

April 11th

April 9th

April 7th

April 4th

April 3rd

April 2nd

  • The Color in AQWorlds has returned to normal.

April 1st

March 29th

March 28th

March 27th

March 26th

March 25th

  • Happy Birthday Galanoth!

March 24th

  • All servers (except Evil Sir Ver) have been replaced.
  • The Zazul, Twig, and Talim servers have been removed temporarily.
  • New Sword! Brutal Cam-PAIN Blade

March 21st

  • ALL servers have a Double Rep Boost!
  • Talim server is now an International Server!
  • Server-zoning has ended. All servers are now open to all players once more.

March 19th

  • ALL servers have a 25% Rep and XP Boost!

March 18th

March 14th

March 9th

March 8th

March 7th

March 5th

March 4th

February 28th

February 26th

February 25th

  • The Artix, Cysero, Twilly, Quibble and Espada servers can now hold up to 4,000 players. The Truffle and Hidden Grotto (Samba) servers have been removed.

February 22nd

February 21st

February 19th

February 18th

February 16th

February 15th

February 14th

February 12th

  • The Hidden Grotto server has replaced server Samba to test lag issues.

February 11th

February 10th

February 9th

February 7th

February 5th

February 4th

February 3rd

February 2nd

January 31st

January 30th

  • Get 15% more XP, REP, GOLD, and CP on Legend servers, and 10% on all other servers!

January 29th

January 27th

January 25th

January 24th

January 23rd

January 21st

January 20th

January 17th

January 11th

  • Due to the inconvenience for server delay, if you have an active upgrade as of today then 48 hours is added into your upgrade as of AE's way of making up the lost gameplay time.
  • ALL servers gain 25% more XP and Rep until Wednesday, January 15th.
  • The 48 Hour Nightmare Challenge has been extended until Sunday, January 12th, at 6 PM.
  • New Pets! Doominated Courage Moglin & Yellow Doominated Moglin

January 10th

January 9th

January 7th

January 6th

January 3rd