Release Log/2013

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December 31st

December 30th

December 29th

December 27th

December 26th

December 25th

December 24th

December 23rd

  • All free player servers have a 10% class points and rep boost. All legend servers have a 15% class points and rep boost.
  • New Daggers! Frigid Heartrender & Glacial Slicers

December 22nd

December 21st

December 20th

December 19th

December 14th

December 13th

December 11th

December 10th

December 9th

December 6th

December 2nd

November 29th

November 28th

November 27th

November 23rd

November 22nd

November 21st

  • Happy Harvest Festival 2013! All of the previous years of Harvest events' areas, monsters, NPCs, shops, and items return!
  • New Pet! Giant Hungry Werewolf

November 20th

November 18th

November 17th

November 16th

November 15th

November 14th

November 12th

November 8th

November 7th

November 3rd

November 2nd

November 1st

October 31st

October 30th

October 29th

October 27th

October 26th

  • All free-player servers have a 10% class points boost. All Legend servers have a 15% class boost.

October 25th

October 24th

October 21st

October 21st

  • All players active in the last 6 months with an account at level 15 or higher will get 200 ACs for free when they log in!

October 20th

October 19th

October 18th

October 15th

October 14th

October 12th

October 11th

October 8th

October 6th

  • Happy Taco Day 2013!

October 4th

October 2nd

October 1st

September 27th

September 24th

September 23rd

September 21st

September 20th

September 19th

September 18th

September 14th

September 13th

September 12th

September 11th

September 10th

  • All of the previous Friday the 13th areas have been re-opened to free players for Friday the 13th.
  • New Misc. Item! Box of Dragon-Corn

September 7th

September 6th

September 5th

August 30th

August 27th

August 24th

August 23rd

August 20th

August 16th

August 15th

August 13th

August 9th

August 6th

August 2nd

August 1st

July 30th

July 28th

July 27th

July 26th

July 25th

July 22nd

July 19th

July 18th

July 17th

  • Today's boosts on Sir Ver and Evil Sir Ver are: 10% MORE Class Points, and 10% MORE XP!
  • All players who have upgraded at least once have received 200 ACs, a Class Points boost (1 Hr) and a Reputation Boost (1 Hr).

July 16th

July 15th

July 14th

July 13th

July 12th

July 11th

July 9th

July 5th

July 4th

  • Class Points and Reputation have been boosted by 25% on Member Servers, and 10% on Non-Member Servers.

July 3rd

July 2nd

July 1st

June 29th

June 28th

June 25th

June 23rd

June 22nd

June 21st

June 18th

June 17th

June 14th

June 12th

June 11th

June 9th

June 7th

June 6th

June 5th

June 4th

June 3rd

June 1st

May 31st

May 30th

May 28th

May 27th

  • Sir Ver and Evil Sir Ver servers have a 15% reputation boost.

May 24th

May 22nd

  • New Interface Update! 5 extra bag spaces are now able to be purchased from Augold in Battleon Town.

May 21st

May 17th

May 15th

  • Server-wide Rep Boost is live again! 10% more rep on every server except Member servers, which get 15%!

May 14th

May 12th

May 11th

May 10th

May 9th

May 8th

May 7th

May 6th

May 4th

May 3rd

May 2nd

April 30th

April 29th

April 26th

April 24th

April 23rd

April 22nd

April 19th

April 16th

April 15th

April 12th

April 10th

April 8th

  • The Philippine server Talim, replaced the Minimal server.
  • Anyone located in the Philippines are now required to join the Talim server. If they are an active member, then they also have the choice of joining the member servers.

April 5th

April 4th

April 3rd

April 2nd

April 1st

March 31st

March 29th

March 28th

  • New Area! White Map (This areas is good for taking picture high qualitiy of armors, helms and capes).

March 27th

  • This is the final Spring Break Battle on boost! Enjoy a 5% XP on all servers and a 10% XP boost on Member servers!
  • 0 AC items that were not able to be sold are now sellable.
  • New Weapon! Polished Dragon Blade

March 24th

March 23rd

March 22nd

March 20th

March 19th

March 15th

March 14th

March 13th

March 12Th

  • New Interface Update! 'The "Character" button on the bottom bar now brings up a sub-menu which allows the player to access their character page, guild list, friends list, reputation faction list, and stats & classes window.
  • New Shop! Legion Poster
  • New Pets! Caladbolg Bank Pet & Pink Potato Pet

March 11Th

March 8Th

March 6Th

  • New/Updated Quest's! Ascended Paragon Pet's Quests Updated
  • New/Updated Misc! ACs Refunded

March 5Th

March 2nd

  • As part of Dage's birthday celebration, a Gold boost has been added to every server (higher boost on Member servers).

March 1St

February 27Th

February 26th

February 22nd

February 19th

  • 100 AC, a REPUTATION Boost! (1 hr) and an XP Boost! (1 hr) were added to the accounts of long-term AQWorlds supporters.

February 15th

February 14th

February 12th

February 11th

February 08th

February 05th

February 03rd

February 01st

January 28th

January 27th

January 26th

January 25th

January 21st

January 19th

January 18th

January 16th

January 13th

January 11th

January 8th

January 7th

  • Monsters who had their total HP decreased have been fixed.

January 4th

January 2nd

January 1st