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December 31st

New Years.png


December 23rd

Promo - Merry Frostval! Time to be Naughty or Nice.png

December 18th

Promo - Happy Frostval! Season's Beatings.jpg

December 14th

December 10th

December 3rd

November 26th

November 24th

Promo - Cornycopia Smorgasborg.jpg

November 22nd

  • Harvest Scythe available from Give a Gift Button in Battleon!
  • New Weapon! Harvest Scythe

November 19th

Promo - King Alteon Skyguard.jpg

November 12th

Promo - Hollowhalls.jpg

November 5th

Promo - Arcangrove Showdown.jpg

November 3rd

November 2nd

Nov 2nd 2010 - Vampire War.jpg

October 31st

October 30th

October 29th

Promo - Vampire Siege.jpg

October 22nd

Promo - Children of the Candy Corn.jpg

October 19th

October 18th

October 16th

October 15th

Promo - Elemental.jpg

October 14th

October 12th

  • New Level Enhancements: Fighter, Healer, Thief, Hybrid, Luck, Wizard, and even the New enhancement Spell Breaker
  • Pumpkin Carving Contest: The 2nd Annual Pumpkin Carving Contest begins today and ends on the 31st of October. The contest has many specific rules that have to be followed. Also, the winner will receive a grand prize of 5,000 Adventure Coins. Please read the Design Notes if you have further questions on the contest or if you would like to enter, go to the BattleOn Forums.

October 11th

October 10th

  • 10/10/10 - Level cap is raised to 35!
  • 10/10/10 is AQ World's 2nd Birthday!

October 8th

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October 4th

October 1st

Promo - Mount Mafic.jpg

September 24th

Promo - Great Gilead.jpg

September 17th

Promo - Talk Like a Pirate Day & Natatorium.jpg

September 10th

September 8th

September 7th

September 3rd

Promo - Mudluk.jpg

September 1st

August 27th

Promo - Cloister.jpg

August 20th

Promo - Arcangrove.jpg

August 14th

August 13th

August 10th

August 6th

Promo - Bludrut Brawl.jpg

August 2nd

July 30th

Promo - Andre.jpg

July 29th

Promo - Roach Racing.jpg

July 18th

  • Target is offering 10% off Battleon Upgrade Cards.

July 16th

Promo - Defender Class.jpg

July 9th

Promo - Giant.jpg

July 3rd

Promo - Hollowsoul Castle.jpg

June 25th

Promo - One Eyed Doll Live Event.jpg

June 24th

June 21st

June 19th

June 11th

Promo - Cysero & Nursey's Wedding.jpg

June 5th

Promo - J6 The Bounty Hunter.jpg

May 29th

Promo - Discordia.jpg

May 21st

Promo - Dragonlord, Starlord, Guardian.jpg

May 14th

Promo - Mythsong Canyon - DanceDance.jpg

May 7th

Promo - Mythsong Bard Class.jpg

April 30th

Promo - Mythsong.jpg

April 23rd

Promo - Earth Day.jpg

April 19th

April 16th

Promo - PvP Release.jpg
  • PvP released for members on the live servers!
  • Wolfwing fight for Non-Members

April 13th

  • PTR released on live servers!
  • Version 1.0 released!
  • New Features:
    • Stats
      • Main Stats: Strength, Intellect, Dexterity, Wisdom, Endurance and Luck
      • Secondary Stats: Attack Power, Magic Power, Critical Strike Chance, Haste, Evasion Chance, Critical Strike Value and Hit Chance.
    • Enhancements
    • Level Cap is raised to 30.
  • PvP
  • Combat Mechanics:
    • Find a helpful tip for your class by hitting "c" or by clicking Character Panel on the Main Menu in the lower right corner of the screen.
    • Mana regeneration and Classes have a fixed mana pool of 100MP.
    • Some attacks are now AoE(Area of Effect) attacks.
    • Global Cooldown: Every time you use an ability except Auto Attack will cause all abilities will cooldown for 1.5 seconds
    • Healing Icon: Icon appear when to any player that has taken 10% of your HP as damage or below 50% health, if you're playing a class that has a primary heal spell(Currently Healers and Paladins). Clicking the icon will automatically heal that player.
    • Potions and Spell Scrolls.
    • Out-of-Combat HP and MP regeneration.
  • Classes are now stronger, long-lasting, faster and more interactive and has Strengths and Weaknesses.
  • Inventory and Shop panels have been completely rebuilt.
  • Monster levels will be represented by Stars and Skulls.
  • Options panel has been redesigned.

April 9th

April 8th

April 2nd

April 1st

March 26th

Promo - Twilight.jpg
  • Lycan War boss: Edvard (he drops his outfit, 2 swords, a dagger and his morphs)
  • Additional house items at Lycan War House Shop!
  • Lycan War is now 100%
  • Cutscene about the coming of DracoWerepyre
  • Re-release of Tercessuinotlim (with additional items)
  • Tunnel, part of Twilight area expansion! (/join tunnel)
  • New boss of Tunnel: Cadaverous Creeper

March 24th

  • Lycan War House Shop (at 75%)

March 19th

Promo - Wolfwing.jpg

March 12th

March 9th

March 5th

Promo - Lycan Week.jpg

February 28th

February 26th

Promo - Vampire Week.jpg

February 19th

Promo - Darkovia Forest.jpg

February 18th

February 17th

February 13th

February 12th

Promo - Hero's Heart Day.jpg

Febuary 8th

  • New pet of the month! Asian Dragon!
  • SuperBowl Half-time Shop is closed.

February 7

  • SuperBowl Half-time Shop is Open for 24 hours at Punt

February 5

February 2

January 29

  • War is at 100%
  • Boss: Odokuros Head
  • Battle with Kitsune
  • New Good and Evil Items (3) and Daily Quests (2).
  • New Area! Kitsune(Area)
  • Yokai War at 75%
    • The rest of the War Meter was filled Atomically

January 26

  • War Zone Part 2 now out.
  • Monsters with 4000 HP left the war.

January 22

January 18

January 15

January 8