Queen of Chaos: First Reign Cutscenes

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This page lists the cutscenes that play in the Queen of Chaos: First Reign event featuring the Heroes of Balance and how they defeated and sealed the Queen of Monsters away and saved Lore from her reign.

The Queen's Reign

Long ago, before Malgor... Before Drakath and his Chaos Lords... Before Lore as you know it existed... The Queen of Monsters ruled.

Silhouettes of Extriki, Kolyaban, Grou'luu, and Sa-Laatan appear.

Lore knew no peace as the Queen's Children roamed the planet. Her minions turned Lore's inhabitants against each other, preventing any chance of rebellion. That was, until...

Silhouettes of the thirteen Heroes of Balance appear against a white backdrop.

Thirteen Heroes rose up and joined forces.

The eight Elemental Orbs appear above the silhouettes of the Heroes of Balance.

And with the power of the eight Elemental Orbs sealed the Queen away, ending her reign. But just how did these Heroes defeat a foe as insurmountable as the Queen of Monsters? And who were these "Heroes", who identities have been lost to Time? And what does all this... have to do with you?

The scene shifts over to the hero looking at a river on a peaceful day in modern-day Greenguard Forest.

  • Hero: Such a beautiful d--

Suddenly, a portal appears behind the hero, who turns their head around to see it.

  • Hero: Huh... This is new!

A hooded man with a familiar-looking beard and hourglass gauntlets appears out of the portal to meet the hero.

  • ???: (character name)?
  • Hero: Depends, who is asking?
  • ???: So it is you. Thank goodness!
  • Hero: Wait a minute... Iadoa?!
  • Iadoa: Yes, but I am not the Iadoa you know.
  • Hero: Are you sure? I know a lot of Iadoas! There was the one that tried to attack me during New Years... The one that was my friend who got turned into a Chaos Lord... There's Mirror Realm Iadoa...
  • Iadoa: I can assure you that I am none of those... If you would please, I have come on an urgent matter.
  • Hero: What is it?
  • Iadoa: I come from the past, back when the Queen of Monsters first ruled over Lore. As we speak, my fellow Heroes of Balance fight her forces in order to obtain the Elemental Orbs, the keys to sealing away the Queen.
  • Hero: I've heard this story before! Heroes sealed away the Queen the first time she roamed Lore. Are you telling me that you were one of those Heroes?!
  • Iadoa: First time she roamed Lore? She roamed Lore a second time?
  • Hero: It's a long story, but doesn't that mean that you are successful in sealing her?
  • Iadoa: I am afraid Time doesn't work so simply... You see, my fellow Heroes and I have had this plan. We would get close to securing the Elemental Orbs. As close as we could get, before we sought your help.
  • Hero: But wait, how do you know about me if you are from the past?
  • Iadoa: You are the Eternal Dragon of Time. Everyone knows of you in one capacity or another. And you are just the secret weapon we need to push through our last obstacles preventing us from getting the Orbs.
  • Hero: So why not just ask the past version of me to help you?
  • Iadoa : Because you are the Eternal Dragon of Time, you only exist in one fixed moment in Time. Right now, you only exist here. And that means, any time after this point, our victorious outcome that you know isn't assured. If you don't come to the past with me and help us defeat the Queen, there is a high probability that your Lore will change, as if the Queen has always ruled over the planet.
  • Hero: Well that doesn't sound good at all! What do I have to do?
  • Iadoa: Come with me. You must first travel to Akiba and help Kitsune retrieve the Wind Orb.
  • Hero: Sounds good to me!

The hero runs into the portal to past Akiba.

  • Iadoa: Wait up! You don't even know *when* you are going!

Iadoa follows the hero back through the portal before it closes.

Sa-Laatan's Fall

The hero, Iadoa, and Escherion as well as the Lake Hydra are facing off against Sa-Laatan, the Salt Sower, in the Hydra Lake.

  • Sa-Laatan: Bwuuuummm!!!
  • Escherion: Incoming!

Sa-Laatan fires a beam at the heroes, but they defend themselves against the attack.

  • Hero: I don't know how much longer we can hold out!
  • Escherion: Iadoa! Why isn't Kathool here yet?!
  • Iadoa: I am trying to commune with it! It's being difficult!

Sa-Laatan prepares another beam blast.

  • Sa-Laatan: Bwuuuummm!!!

Sa-Laatan's beam hits one of the Lake Hydra's heads, knocking it out.

  • Escherion: Well you better make it work! I don't know how much longer my Hydra is going to hold out!

Iadoa powers up as Sa-Laatan prepares another beam blast, the latter not noticing bubbles appearing out of the lake.

  • Sa-Laatan: Bwuuuummm!!!

Kathool appears out of the Hydra Lake just in time to confront Sa-Laatan and help out the heroes.

  • Kathool: Silence, you insignificant beast.

Sa-Laatan prepares an attempt to use a beam blast on Kathool.

  • Sa-Laatan: Bwuu--
  • Kathool: You think yourself powerful? It is true, your Queen is something to be feared by mere mortals...

Kathool grabs Sa-Laatan with his tentacles and pulls it towards him with them wrapped around it.

  • Kathool: But beings as old as I know her for what she truly is. You, humans. I hold to kinship to any of you. I am not your friend. I am not your enemy. I simply answered to Iadoa's call because I will need him for... future connections. The Queen wishes to see Lore destroyed... But without Lore, there are no mortals. Without mortals, there is nothing to keep me entertained. See to it that she is dealt with, and I will help you this once...

Kathool dives back into the Hydra Lake, dragging Sa-Lataan down with him to its demise, afterwards providing the heroes with the Water Orb.

  • Kathool: Do not disappoint me.

With Sa-Laatan defeated, Escherion claims the Water Orb.

  • Hero: Well that was... concerning...
  • Iadoa: No use worrying about it now.
  • Escherion: The Water Orb is ours and that's what matters.
  • Iadoa: Yes, and now half of the Elemental Orbs are in our possession. But we must not get complacent! There are still four more to go!
  • Hero: Right! Where to next, Iadoa?

A portal to Arcangrove is opened up by Iadoa.

The hero runs into the portal to head to Arcangrove to help Ledgermayne find the Fire Orb. Meanwhile, at the Queen of Monsters' castle...

  • Queen of Monsters: So they want to play then? Very well then... Let's play.

Revenge for My Children

In the throne room of the Queen of Monsters, Horothotep and Kolyaban have brought Krellenos and Discordia before the Queen of Monsters. All characters appear in silhouettes.

  • ??? (Kolyaban): Queen Mother, we have captured two of the Heroes seeking to defeat you.
  • Queen of Monsters: Well done, my Children.
  • Ninth Hero (Krellenos): You vile creatures! You may have captured us, but you will not win!
  • ??? (Horothotep): Is that so, little morsel?
  • Sixth Hero (Discordia): What I do, I do in the service of the Heroes of Balance!
  • ??? (Kolyaban): Ah, what devotion. Devotion is such a fun toy to twist and break. Don't worry, child. I will reshape you into something beautiful. Useful.
  • Ninth Hero (Krellenos): You will not lay a finger on him!
  • ??? (Horothotep): Such baseless threats. Why is it that the ones that are so mouthy seem so... delicious.
  • ??? (Kolyaban): Calm yourself, brother. We must wait for Queen Mother's instructions.
  • ??? (Horothotep): What shall we do with them, Queen Mother? Shall I eat them both?
  • Queen of Monsters: Now, now my Children. You can share. You may each have one. Do as you wish with them. But remember his. These are the people that have slain your siblings! Extriki, Grou'luu, Sa-Laatan... All of them are lost to us because of *them*! Keep that in mind while you... play.
  • ??? (Horothotep): With pleasure, Queen Mother. Where is that mouth now, little morsel?
  • Ninth Hero (Krellenos): You will die for this, beast! Don't dare to take a step closer!

«Horothotep steps closer to Krellenos while the latter warns him to stay away.

  • Ninth Hero (Krellenos): Stay back! Don't! Stop-

Despite Krellenos' warnings, Horothotep proceeds to devour him as the scene shifts over to Kolyaban and Discordia.

  • Ninth Hero (Krellenos): Ahhh-
  • ??? (Kolyaban): Well... Sounds like your friend had fun.
  • Sixth Hero (Discordia): Please, let me leave. Or lock me up! I don't care! Just let me live!
  • ??? (Kolyaban): Oh, you will live.

Kolyaban summons a flame in her hand as she prepares to transform Discordia.

  • ??? (Kolyaban): You live in service to those kin-slayers, yes? Well, no longer! You will live in service of your Queen!

Discordia starts to become unstable as flames conjured by Kolyaban surround him.

  • Sixth Hero (Discordia): Ugh! Ahh! What's happening to me?!
  • ??? (Kolyaban): Hold still, child. It hurts worse when you struggle. It will all be over soon!
  • Sixth Hero (Discordia): Ahhhhhhh!!!

Kolyaban transforms Discordia into a Hive.

  • ??? (Kolyaban): Much better!
  • Queen of Monsters: Very good, Children. Now, find the others and show them the punishment for slaying your siblings!
  • ??? (Horothotep): Yes, Queen Mother!
  • ??? (Kolyaban): Yes, Queen Mother!
  • Queen of Monsters: Two down, eleven to go. So much pain to be dealt. Eternal Dragon... I will ensure you remain last. I have special punishment set aside for you.

The Final Orb

The hero, Kimberly, Khasaanda, the Dragosaurus and Naga Baas are facing off against the Beast Quetzal at a cliff in Mythsong Canyon.

  • Hero: So... That doesn't seem to be working. Anyone have ideas on how we can beat this thing?!
  • Kimberly: Yeah, things aren't looking too great...
  • Khasaanda: We mustn't give up hope now! I have seen victory in our future! All is not lost!
  • Hero: Then let's keep hitting this thing!

The Dragosaurus breathes fire at Quetzal.

  • Hero: I think we just need more firepower!
  • Iadoa: That can be arranged.

The rest of the Heroes of Balance: Escherion, the Twins, Vath, Kitsune, Wolfwing, Ledgermayne, Tibicenas, Iadoa, Lionfang, and King Alteon appear from a portal.

  • Iadoa: Heroes of Balance!!! Attack!!!

Vath and Alteon attack Quetzal while riding on their dragons, Stalagbite and the Chaos Dragon, respectively, covering it in huge clouds of smoke.

  • Hero: Was that enough?

Quetzal emerges from the smoke unscathed.

  • Hero: Oh, come on!!!

Quetzal prepares to spit a beam at the Heroes of Balance, but Escherion, having a plan, gets everyone to go behind him.

  • Escherion: Everyone! Behind me! I'll need the help of the Elemental Orbs for this one!

Escherion powers up using the current inventory of seven Elemental Orbs that the Heroes of Balance have at the moment.

  • Escherion: Here goes nothing!

Escherion fires a beam of inversion from his staff at Quetzal and hits it. Quetzal attempts to freeze the heroes, but ends up freezing itself into its own icy prison that people aeons later would later refer to as Quetzal's Comet (for more, see here and here). With Quetzal trapped in its own icy prison, Kimberly claims the Ice Orb.

  • Kimberly: Gotcha!
  • Kitsune: Yeah!
  • Lionfang: Woo!
  • Hero: Escherion! That was amazing! What did you do?
  • Escherion: Just a bit of Inversion Magic. I figured if our power wasn't enough to beat Quetzal, maybe his own magic was.
  • Hero: Oh! You know what? I probably could have guessed that...
  • Escherion: Why do you say that?
  • Hero: Well, in the future, you-
  • Iadoa: That's enough of that! What matters is, we have all 8 Elemental Orbs. With them, we have all the pieces we need to put a stop to the Queen of Monsters. Now, let us march on her fortress and-
  • Kimberly: Whoawhoawhoa! Hold up, Iadoa! I know you aren't about to leave this giant snake popsicle in the middle of Mythsong! What if the Queen just thaws him out?!
  • Iadoa: You're right. Let me fix that.

Iadoa starts using his Chronomancer powers to psychically lift Quetzal's frozen prison off the ground.

  • Hero: Wait! Iadoa! Are you going to-

Iadoa flings Quetzal's frozen form into space.

  • Iadoa: There! That should keep him out of the Queen's clutches!
  • Hero: You threw him into outer space, didn't you...?
  • Iadoa: Yeah, why? Is that a problem?
  • Hero: Umm, yeah, kinda...

Meanwhile, back at the Queen of Monsters' castle...

  • Queen of Monsters: So... they collected all eight Orbs. Finally, things will be interesting.

Nearing the End

  • Iadoa: I'll admit. When we started this revolution. I wasn't sure we would find success.

Images of Vath and Kitsune are shown.

We all came from very different backgrounds. Believed in different things. And yet...

An image of the Queen of Monsters and her followers is shown.

When faced with certain extinction, we all fought towards the same goal. Survival.

Images of the Queen's Elder Monsters are shown.

Even with our forces together, we struggled to survive. We were no match for the Queen and her Children. We fought, endlessly, trying to find a way to turn the tables.

An image of the Elemental Orbs is shown.

That's when we discovered the Elemental Orbs. Paragons of Elemental Power. Powers that are more ancient than the Queen herself. Powers that can defeat her. But the Queen knew that. And sent her Children to protect the Orbs, or claim them as their own. We came so close, only to be blocked by the same obstacles.

A silhouette of the hero is seen standing in the badlands where the Queen of Monsters' castle is located.

That was until you came to our aid. You were the final piece that we needed. With your help, the Orbs came into our possession, one by one. And now, all the Elemental Orbs are ours.

An image of the Queen of Monsters sitting on her throne is shown.

Now the Queen awaits us on the battlefield. Our final obstacle towards our goal of survival. The final battle awaits us. And we can not lose!

The First Champion

The hero emerges from the last portal from the Realm of Chaos/Plane of Monsters and meets Iadoa.

  • Iadoa: Well done, (character name). I can only imagine the horrors you have to face each time you enter the Plane. What matters is that we are here. The Queen should be just up ahead.
  • Hero: The Queen said we would have one more obstacle to beat before we faced her. I wonder what it is?
  • Iadoa: I think we are about to find out...

The hero and Iadoa are approached by a humanoid abomination calling itself the first Champion of Chaos.

  • Hero: Whoa! What are you?!
  • Queen's Champion: I am the first of my kind. A perfect creation of my Queen. She has blessed me with ultimate power, making me one of her Children. I am my Queen's Champion. The Champion of Chaos!

The Proto Chaos Champion emits a chaotic glow as it prepares for battle.

  • Queen's Champion: And I will see my Siblings avenged!

The Final Battle

  • Queen's Champion: Impossible... I cannot lose... My Queen, I'm... sorry.

The Proto Chaos Champion, having been defeated, collapses.

  • Queen of Monsters: Rest, my Child. Your mother is here.

The Queen of Monsters emerges from clouds of mist to greet the Heroes of Balance in battle.

  • Queen of Monsters: So we meet face to face at last, "Hero". And you brought your friends. Do you think it will be enough to stop me? Why do the thirteen of you think that you can succeed where armies of hundreds, of thousands, have failed? Because you have some measly little trinkets? Ha! You will all die here. And you, "Hero", will be responsible for their deaths. I will save you for last. And I will feast on your despair. So come forward, Heroes of Balance. Come to your deaths!

The Sealing

  • Queen of Monsters: Die!

The Queen of Monsters shoots lasers from her eyes at the Heroes of Balance. However, all it does is simply push them backwards.

  • Hero: No! We did not come this far to lose!

The Heroes of Balance stand up as the eight Elemental Orbs float above their heads.

  • Escherion: Your reign is over!
  • Xing & Xang: We won't let you tear any more families apart!
  • Vath: I will see peace brought to all our people!
  • Kitsune: For the sake of the Yokai and Humanity, we will end you!
  • Wolfwing: You have turned my people against each other for the last time!
  • Kimberly: This is for Discordia!
  • Ledgermayne: This form will see the Mana cleansed of your influence!
  • Tibicenas: The Djinn will stand with humanity and see your rule ended!
  • Khasaanda: I will finish what my brother started!
  • Iadoa: Your actions in the past have sealed your future!
  • Lionfang: Your time has come, witch!
  • King Alteon: For the sake of all the people of Lore, you will be banished!
  • Queen of Monsters: Don't you fools see? It doesn't matter how much you "believe" that you will beat me! You will not win! You *cannot* win! Even together, with the Orbs, your powers don't even compare to mine! They are just droplets in the ocean of my might! I am ENDLESS!
  • Iadoa: That may be true. You may be endless! But they are Eternal!

The eight Elemental Orbs gather around and surround the hero.

  • Iadoa: (character name)! With the Elemental Orbs, let your true form be realized!

The hero absorbs all eight Elemental Orbs and starts glowing, blinding the Queen of Monsters.

  • Queen of Monsters: Impossible!

As the glow ends, the hero transforms into the Eternal Dragon of Time!

  • Eternal Dragon of Time: Queen of Monsters! I have seen the pain you have caused the people of Lore! I will stand for it no longer!

The hero, now the Eternal Dragon of Time, has the eight Elemental Orbs form a portal to the Realm of Chaos behind the Queen of Monsters.

  • Eternal Dragon of Time: I hereby banish you to your Domain! Never to set foot on Lore again!
  • Queen of Monsters: You cannot banish me, Dragon!
  • Eternal Dragon of Time: Very well. Let me show you your fate if you remain on Lore.

The Eternal Dragon of Time shows the Queen of Monsters a vision of her terrible fate: a fate as shown by a silhouetted Malgor holding her decapitated head in the very distant future, in present-day Lore, much to her shock.

  • Queen of Monsters: No. This cannot be!
  • Eternal Dragon of Time: It is and will be. Now. Be banished! And the next time you think about poking your head out of your Realm, remember that image. Or let it be cut from your body.

The Eternal Dragon of Time starts glowing and then breathes fire at the Queen of Monsters, slowly pushing her into the portal to her own domain behind her.

  • Queen of Monsters: No! This isn't over!

The Heroes of Balance start glowing purple as the Queen places a magical curse on them.

  • Queen of Monsters: Curse you! Curse you all! I curse your very souls! From this moment on, may none of you know peace! You will live these lives over and over! Your people will despise you! You will be responsible for the deaths of those you serve! You will slaughter your own children! You will become the very things you sought to destroy! And worst of all... You will be the reason for my return!

After those words, the Queen of Monsters is finally sealed away. With that, the Elemental Orbs scatter and the Eternal Dragon of Time reverts back to its previous form as the hero. A platform containing the Chaos Portal that Drakath would activate aeons later through the rise and fall of the 13 Chaos Lords to set the Queen free appears above the badlands and the Queen of Monsters' castle.