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The Queen's Army refers to a group of villains assembled by the Queen of Monsters. The members of this group wrought havoc on Lore aeons in the past and forced the civilians to fight against one another, preventing any chance of rebellion, until thirteen Heroes of Balance rose up, secured the Elemental Orbs, and sealed the Queen away, saving the world. They have once again wrought havoc on Lore since she was freed by Drakath, the Champion of Chaos. They help her feed on fear to grow more powerful, and their former main base of operations during her first reign was in a castle found in badlands containing portals to the Plane of Monsters while their current main base of operations is in a castle surrounded by a swirling lake near a village located within the shattered continent of Drakonus. Many different factions can be found as part of the Queen's Army, including the Frostspawn Horde, the Firestorm Onslaught, the Infernal Army, and Jaaku's forces.

The Queen's Army's main base was ultimately taken over by the Shadowflame Army, led by Shadowlord Malgor, and the Queen herself was somehow killed during the Shadowflame Army's invasion, with the players being accused by him of being behind her assassination.


Queen's Generals

  • Tyndarius, the Fire General & Lord of the Firestorm Onslaught
  • Nevanna, the Earth General
  • Karok the Fallen, the former Ice General & Leader of the FrostSpawn Horde
  • Jaaku, one of the Generals & the Shogun of Shadows

Elder Monsters

Other Major Allies of the Queen

FrostSpawn Horde

Firestorm Onslaught

Infernal Army

Jaaku's forces

Other Allies of the Queen