Princess Tera

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Princess Tera
Princess Tera



King Alteon's youngest daughter that controls Blood Tooth. She is also the younger sister of Princess Victoria (Robina).

What's in a Name

In DragonFire she was called Princess Tera, but at the Banquet she was known as Princess Tara.

Important text


  • Princess: MINE! MINE! MINE! Get your own dwagon!
  • You: Wait... WHAT!?
  • Princess: You heard me! Get your own dwagon, this one is mine!
  • You: How exactly is this YOUR dragon?
  • Princess: My Daddy is the King and I am sick of getting ponies for my birthday!
  • Princess: A blue moglin gave me this ring and said I could use it to play with any dwagon I wanted!
  • You: O... M... G...

Boss Fight Unlocked


Sooooo, Hero. You wouldn't know of any weapons trainers in Swordhaven who can keep a secret, would you? *giggle* I figure if... Victoria *snicker*... can do it, so can I! Ooooooor, you could train me yourself! Yeah! A Princess should have the BEST education possible, don't you agree?

I'm so BORED here! There's nothing to do. Nothing to play. Daddy won't give me a dragon, and I said "Please!". And no one will talk about my Momma! Ooooh, I know! I bet I could go on an adventure and find her! ... Or at least find out mwhat happened to her. *Mutter* Since no one HERE will tell me. Hmmph!


  • None


You're seriously looking for a shop from a little girl?



It is very possible that the blue moglin that gave her the ring was Zorbak or Quibble Coinbiter

From the DNs

Tara is the youngest Princess. She loves ponies, and bunnies, and flowers and... giant man eating dragons. Hailed as "Tara the Terrible" by the guards, she often kidnaps dangerous monsters and forces them to play with her at a team party filled with dangerous magical stuffed dollies.