Nulgath Larvae

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Nulgath Larvae
What's that you say? Well, I simply used some extra souls I had to create this mini version of me.
Level Required: 1
Member Only: Yes
Founder Only: No
Location: Quest Reward from Hire Nulgath Larvae
Buy Price: Cannot be bought.
Sell Price: 0 Gold

  • You CAN open his quest from your inventory, even if you are a non-member.
  • Nulgath Larvae includes an animation of him snapping his fingers, lighting a blue fire in his hand, and then an explosion of some sorts with Nulgath spelled out.
  • Contrary to popular belief, once in your inventory, Nulgath Larvae will not trigger the debug/unlock mode of Tercessuinotlim with all character speech bubbles at the start, it also cannot let you enter some rooms without items such as Escherion's Chain and give you directions on where to go and where not to go in the caves. This was a bug that was not meant for players to see, most likely this was for staff members only. You did not have to have a Nulgath Larvae to see this.
  • Used to have an exclamation point over its head that would give the quest, now all the player needs to do is click on his head/facial area.
  • This is now a Battle Pet and can be used by any battle-pet class.
  • Nulgath Larvae Quests:
Loyal Larvae.png