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This is the NPC type of Nevanna. For the monster, click here.
General Nevanna.
Nevanna before becoming one of the Queen's Generals.


Nevanna is Brightoak Grove's best warrior and, just recently, the Earth General of the Queen of Monsters.

In the past, Nevanna was a young peacekeeper who braved the harshest environments to keep the grove safe from the destructive influence of Chaos. One day, she found the Faerie Dragon Rivensylth's egg, whose ancestors crafted the Celestial Horn of Balance, an item that protected the World Tree and Brightoak from poisonous taint. She was fleeing a group of Tainted Earth monsters and dropped off a tree's branch to escape them, which was where Aven Greywhorl caught her with his vines. She implored for Aven to pull her up when suddenly something attacked the vines and cut them, causing her and Rivensylth's egg to fall to the ground. The egg was found and kept safe by the forest goblins while Nevanna, unconscious, was contained by the Queen's Hunter and the rest of the Queen's servants. The Queen of Monsters saw corruption within even the purest of people, including her.

Years later, Nevanna, now twisted by the Queen of Monsters, led the attack on the World Tree, and her soldiers stole the Celestial Horn of Balance, causing Ravinos Brightglade's healing powers to start poisoning the people further instead, as well as causing the toxins to start seeping into both the World Tree and the Mana Core. It was this action that led the residents to call the heroes for help. As the heroes began their search for Rivensylth's egg, Nevanna gave commands to her soldiers to hunt for the egg as well. Her commander, Avada, found and contained the egg until the heroes came and defeated her, after which the Faerie Dragon Maevath hatched from the egg to stop the fighting.

Later, when Aven and the heroes went into the Elfhame Guardian's mouth to reclaim the Celestial Horn of Balance, Nevanna attacked and killed Aven to prevent them from recovering the Horn. The heroes called her out for her murder of her own former partner and vowed to make her pay for what she had done. She mocked them believing that their, Aven's, and Ravinos' efforts to save Brightoak and the rest of Lore would be in vain and then used the Horn to summon the Guardian Spirit to attack them before leaving. With Ravinos' healing powers replaced by poison and the loss of Aven's protection through his death, Nevanna's forces would march on to begin a siege bigger than imagined by the residents of Brightoak Grove.

As her forces commenced their final attack on Brightoak, Nevanna used the Celestial Horn of Balance to summon the Earth Titan Gaiazor as a trump card from within the heart of the World Tree. Although the heroes were able to defeat him, they couldn't destroy him without crushing his spirit, and Nevanna rode on him from on top of his head as she demanded the residents of Brightoak to surrender before it was too late, while having him unleash even more destruction upon Brightoak itself.

With Brightoak severely damaged in Nevanna's onslaught, Nevanna had just finished the preparations to prepare the Queen of Monsters' new stronghold in the grove. Ravinos refused to forgive her betrayal against the grove, but the heroes and the other residents could sense that she wasn't completely lost to the Queen forever. The heroes fought to put Nevanna out of commission as Aven's spirit purged her body of the corruption the Queen put her through. After seeing the consequences of her actions, the now-freed Nevanna rushed to the World Tree's heart and used the horn to soothe the anger of the forest, freeing Gaiazor from the Queen's control and sending the monsters away. Feeling guilty for her own actions, Nevanna decided that she and Gaiazor would leave and resolved to prevent the Queen from harming other lands in order to make up for all of her despicable acts she committed against her own home.



  • Nevanna first appeared shadowed in the Queen of Monsters trailer at Arena.
    • In said trailer, Nevanna appeared as she did before her conversion into the Earth General.
  • She is the first of the Queen's Generals to be female.
  • Prior to the release of the Rivensylth map, her name was spelled as Nevana.
  • Her actions are taken more seriously than several previous villains during the "Queen of Monsters: Ancient Evils" storyline, especially with her murder of Aven.
  • General Nevanna seems to share some similarities to Chaos Lord Ledgermayne from the "13 Lords of Chaos" storyline. Both characters have plant-based appearances, and they both threatened the magical properties of Lore (Ledgermayne wanted to seal off the Para-Elemental Plane of Magic and all magic off from Lore forever, which would result in Lore and everything on it dying, and Nevanna intended to keep the Celestial Horn of Balance in her possession and away from the World Tree and therefore allow it and all of the Lore to wither and die, and even intended to use Brightoak as a stronghold for her forces and corrupt the magical ley lines of Lore). Their bodies are also both shaped like females (the only difference being that Ledgermayne is completely genderless and Nevanna is fully female), and they are taken more seriously than most of the previous villains before them. They even committed heinous acts that horrified the heroes in an attempt to prevent them from stopping them (Ledgermayne crushed the Chaos Focus Gem into shards in an attempt to prevent them from completing the Supreme Arcane Staff, and Nevanna killed Aven to prevent them from recovering the Horn of Balance and afterwards used the horn to remove Aven's corpse and summon the Guardian Spirit in its place). The only difference happens to be that Ledgermayne betrayed Drakath when it saw his overconfidence, and Nevanna is fully loyal to the Queen of Monsters after being twisted from her old self, but only as a result of the brainwashing, after which she used the horn to set things right again after being freed by Aven's spirit.
  • The reason why she can "control" the Earth Titan Gaiazor using the celestial horn is because the Celestial Horn has a direct correlation to the World Tree and upon the earth it grows. This correlation allows the Queen to channel and magnify her influence over beings through the Horn itself. Without the additional connection of the Horn, there is no way the Queen's forces could control such a beast.