Mysterious Stranger

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The Mysterious Stranger

The Mysterious Stranger, referred to as the "Shadow-Manipulator", is an aeons-old being who exists in a number of Lore's timelines.

In AdventureQuest Worlds, he was unable to appear on Lore and directly intervene until the return of the Queen of Monsters shattered the barrier preventing his return.


Similar to his appearance in all the other games, the Mysterious Stranger is shrouded in a dark cloak that obscures all of his features.


Necronomicon's article about the Mysterious Stranger.

As stated by Voltaire from the Necronomicon, he is "...Darkness. And Doom. Everything else written about him is untranslatable." The book tells of a mysterious stranger; a being able to manipulate the shadows.

"Of all the Old Ones to still roam our world, very few remain in prominence. They have bided their time, awaiting the day they reclaim their world with unlimited patience.

Many of Them can no longer inhabit this world in corporeal form; some were reduced to a state that is less than spirit - less than the meanest ghost. But the world has not forgotten Them.

They helped forge this world, and the mark They left will never be erased. Not even time knows when They will rise again. But when They do...the most fearsome one of all will herald their return.

One who has already threatened to blot out the light of this world. A stranger to our realm, eternally mysterious. And nothing will stand in Their way."

The 13th 13th: The Lords of Doom Event

"The 13th Friday the 13th is HERE... and so is the Mysterious Stranger! Now that the Queen of Monsters has returned, the seals that once guarded our world have disappeared. And who else but the Mysterious Stranger would take advantage of this opportunity to invade our timeline!

But he won’t be alone…From the darkest corners of Lore, he's reached out to gather the dark residue left by the shadows of our universe's greatest villains... now the 13 Lords of Doom have been created - born of shadows and magic - to wreak havoc and destruction.

And they will stop at NOTHING until Battleon has been reduced to cinders! But fortunately... the HERO will be there to make sure they don't succeed. Of course, Friday the 13th won't be complete without Deady and Voltaire; the Hero worked together with them to gather the fragments of the Cursed Mirror of Enutrof to dispel the shadows that linger over Lore using the help of the Necronomicon!"

The Mysterious Stranger makes his first appearance during this event. He creates the 13 Lords of Doom from the residual darkness that pervades Lore, and orders them to lay siege to Battleon with a shadow army. The Hero bands together with Voltaire and Deady to defeat 12 of them, while searching for the mysterious entity behind the invasion. Voltaire reads a script from the Necronomicon that discusses a "mysterious stranger" who is able to manipulate the shadows.

The Mysterious Stranger then appears to tell the Hero that he knows them "very well," and has watched them grow over many timelines. And each time, the Stranger has found the Hero to be very...interesting.

The Mysterious Stranger then summons the 13th Lord of Doom: Shadow Vordred, who is said to be his greatest creation (having had the most impact in AdventureQuest Worlds out of all the other villains).

Once Vordred is defeated, the Mysterious Stranger disperses, but the shadows remain "awakened". The Mysterious Stranger is later seen proclaiming that even though he "lost," his "little puppet" dances better than expected, and that he'd finally found what he came for.


  • He created the 13 Lords of Doom:
The Cursed Mirror of Enutrof
  • The Cursed Mirror of Enutrof

Of all the relics in the mortal world, none but the Mirror of Enutrof remains from the time beyond. Feared even by the Creatioux and Decadere, it is one of many items that were forged before the world knew light. Of the shadows, this Mirror came forth from the very essence of the abyss to bring forth the earliest rays of antediluvian light.

It is the last remaining items from that time to have the power to obliterate shadows, from which it was forged. As such, it can never be destroyed; only fragmented. Even the oldest shadows fear it, save for the PRIMORDIAL....

...born of the PRIMORDIAL, shattered the Mirror and scattered the fragments to the very ends of the world. The Old One's power left its mark on the Mirror, forever giving it the title of "Cursed". It has been prophesied that "The One Who Walks With Time", will one day restore the Mirror to its former glory. But soon...They will return to claim the Mirror, which their descendants so feared.

For the Avatars now rule where They ruled once. They shall soon rule where the Avatars rule now.