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Maya the bookstore owner
Maya the Battleon LoreMaster
Maya the bookstore owner
Maya the Battleon LoreMaster




  • The REAL Owner of Book of Wyrms (At Newbie)
  • Battleon LoreMaster (At Librarium)

Important text

Welcome to Librarium, Hero! I'm excited to announce that my work on Lorepedia has finally begun. But I could really use your help! How about I write while you fight? Deal? Deal!


Ah yes, the encyclopedia Lorepedia contains everything you need to know about the Land of Lore! You can access the Lorepedia anytime by opening upi your Book of Lore. It's that little book icon at the bottom right of your screen.

Lorepedia only has a few chapters so far, but with your help, we can fill the entire Librarium with valuable information! If knowledge is half the battle… then buff your Intellect Stats with Lorepedia and become a mast of AQWorlds!

(Become a Loremaster!)

The shelves of my Librarium are full of books, but… many of them are still blank! I need brave adventures like you to gather the information I need to fill them up. You can help by learning the Loremaster tradeskill!

As your journey through Lore, keep an eye our for Loremaster Scrolls. If you find one, bring it to me! I can decode them and transcribe the information into Librarium's books. The more you collect, the larger the Librarium will become!


  • Shop
  • Quests
  • Hair changing



(At Newbie)

(At Librarium, Rep Quests)

(At Librarium, Tradeskill Quests)