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Lynaria's shadow
Text on her tomb

Queen Lynaria Alteon, Sepulchure had made a promise to Lynaria concerning Gravelyn. Her tomb (along with a chest with Sepulchure's love letters) in Necropolis Dungeon is guarded with many monsters by Sepulchure.

Important Text

Alden's Love

I know our land will not be safe until you take down Slugwrath and his regime, but be careful, dear one! His knights are deadly and merciless. I wish Alden were by your side... Oh! Do not forget your helm. It is in your pack.



I'm so BORED here! There's nothing to do. Nothing to play. Daddy won't give me a dragon, and I said "Please!". And no one will talk about my Momma! Ooooh, I know! I bet I could go on an adventure and find her! ... Or at least find out mwhat happened to her. *Mutter* Since no one HERE will tell me. Hmmph!

I KNEW there'd be a dragon fight at the wedding! I just KNEW it! I can tell. Papa says Momma used to call me her little Dragon Princess. Someday, I'm going to be the Dragon QUEEN!

Daddy is gone. Momma's been gone. And now Brit's gone, too. There's only Victoria and Brentan left… and what do THEY know about revenge? They'll stay here and play with blocks and buildings. Daddy wanted to fight Chaos, and I WILL make sure we do!

Chaos King Crown is dropped by Chaos Lord Alteon or Ultra Alteon (both are King Alteon chaorrupted), with the crown there's also King Alteon's chaorrupted face. Chaos Queen Crown (notice the name) is also dropped by the same monsters, the crown is same, except the face is a woman. It's possibly the face of King Alteon's wife.


  • Lynaria was almost the wife of King Alteon when Dethrix, the Monster King and self-proclaimed Champion of Darkness, kidnapped her.
  • She was a healer.
  • She was killed after Sepulchure had save her because she attemted to free Valen(Sepulchure) from the cursed Doomknight Armor with a spell .
  • The information above is from the book in Necropolis.