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Seasonal Rare NPC
This NPC was introduced during a special event (Frostval, Mogloween, etc.) and will be able to be talking again the next year the event comes back.



Shamrock Fair


Shamrock Smash Barker

Important Text

Hi there, hero! Ow… my head. Ya know, my friend think ol' Luckee might be cursed. I always get into the worst accidents. But the way I see it, I'm still alive so my luck can't be THAT bad, right? Ow.

Want to try out my game?


How to Play Use the LEFT and RIGHT keys to guide me and bounce the ball of my shamrock shield to destroy Brix until all the STONE, GOLD & TRIPPLE Brix are gone, then move on to the next level!

What is your high score?!


Brix? There are different kinds of Brix that act differently:

  • Stone Brix
  • Gold Brix give bonus points
  • Tripple Brix give you 3 balls
  • Metal Brix cannot be destroyed
  • Boom Brix blow up and take out some other brix around it but also kill you ball! Be careful!