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This is the NPC type of Ledgermayne, for the monster, click here
Ledgermayne, the Seventh Lord of Chaos

The seventh Lord of Chaos, Ledgermayne was originally just a mass of mana floating in the ether before Drakath's Chaos magic corrupted it, transforming it into what it is today. Ledgermayne proceeded to prevent the players from entering the Para-Elemental Plane of Magic, where it was at its strongest, and then closed the portal leading to the plane of magic. Although as it turns out this was against Drakath's wishes. The fact that the players had to save the Cloister from its henchmen served as a distraction from its and Drakath's plan to prepare the Mana Golem. Ledgermayne later turned against Drakath, after realizing his overconfidence, which brought it to the decision to take matters into its own hands and attempt to prevent the players from completing the Supreme Arcane Staff.

Important Text

Chaos Lord Ledgermayne

Tower Portal Cutscene

  • Hero: So, this thing leads to the para-elemental plane of magic. I would have expected something fancier. OK. Here goes nothing...

The hero advances towards the portal only for Ledgermayne to appear.

  • Hero: Whoa!
  • Ledgermayne: You may not enter our realm.
  • Hero: Who... WHAT are you?
  • Ledgermayne: This form is known as Chaos Lord Ledgermayne.
  • Hero: CHAOS LORD?! So you must be behind all the problems with magic. I hope you like buckets... ...'Cause I'm about to mop the floor with you!

The hero attacks Ledgermayne only to find that it is invulnerable to his/her attack.

  • Hero: Oh... you're just a harmless illusion.

Ledgermayne psychically lifts the hero into the air with one wave of its arm.

  • Ledgermayne: Incorrect.

Ledgermayne hurls the hero against the wall of the observatory.

  • Ledgermayne: This form is irritated by your attempt to attack it. Understand: this form is magic personified. Weapons will have no effect. Further attempts to do harm to this form will be met with severe punishment. This entrance to the para-elemental plane of magic will be closed. You will make no further attempts to enter our realm.

Ledgermayne disappears behind the portal and closes it from behind.

Ledgermayne's Plot Cutscene

  • Ledgermayne: The portal has been repaired. The hero was able to reconnect the power source, designated: The Cloister
  • Drakath: Well done, Ledgermayne.
  • Ledgermayne: Thank you, Master.
  • Drakath: This distraction was more than enough time for us to prepare the Golem. When the hero enters your plane of existence, there will be a nasty surprise waiting.
  • Ledgermayne: This one does not want the hero to enter the realm.

Drakath's eyes narrow.

  • Drakath: What you want or do not want is of no concern to me, Chaos Lord. When that hero tries to enter the para-elemental plane of magic where you are strongest, you will allow it.
  • Ledgermayne: ...
  • Drakath: Ledgermayne, before my chaos magic rather unexpectedly gave you life, you were just a mass of mana floating in the ether. Would you like to be returned to that state?
  • Ledgermayne: This form prefers its current incarnation, Master.
  • Drakath: Then you will do as your creator commands.
  • Ledgermayne: This form complies with the Master's wishes.

Drakath smiles evilly.

Uncontrollable Chaos Cutscene

  • Drakath: The rod of defiance is a weak weapon at best. It is no threat to my plans.
  • Drakath: Even with Rayst's help, the hero will never be able to assemble all of the pieces.
  • Ledgermayne: The hero has proven to be resourceful. The master is overconfident. It will prove to be your downfall.

Drakath's eyes narrow.

  • Drakath: What did you just say to me, Ledgermayne?
  • Ledgermayne: The plan will fail. This form will take matters into it's own hands.
  • Ledgermayne: This form no longer has any use for the master.
  • Drakath: I never should have allowed you to have free will.

Drakath stands up as a purple orb appears in his hand.

Ledgermayne causes the orb to shatter.

Drakath looks at his hand.

  • Drakath:WHAT?
  • Ledgermayne: You will not be able to harm this form.
  • Ledgermayne: This form was a mass of mana in the para-elemental plane of magic when your chaotic influence accidently caused this form to be self-aware.
  • Ledgermayne: This form is grateful for that gift, but this form is NOT one of the Master's Chaos Lord puppets whom you have gifted with chaos magic.
  • Ledgermayne: This form is LIVING MAGIC.
  • Ledgermayne Even your powerful CHAOS magic...is still just magic which this form can control.
  • Ledgermayne: This form has no desire to destroy you.
  • Ledgermayne Stay out of our way.

Ledgermayne Leaves via teleportation.

Ledgermayne's Warning Cutscene

The hero has defeated the Mana Elemental and collects the Wrap of Gilead.

  • Ledgermayne: We warned the master that you were resourceful.
  • Hero: I... I'm not scared of you Ledgermayne! You can go back and tell Drakath...

Ledgermayne appears.

  • Ledgermayne: We no longer take direction from the master.
  • Hero: Then, why call him "the master".
  • Ledgermayne: It is a meaningless designation. He wanted us to call him the master when he first encountered us, so we do. This form sees no reason to cease calling him this.
  • Hero: If you no longer serve Drakath, then you were able to break free of his control without him destroying you.
  • Ledgermayne: One cannot destroy magic. One can only reshape it.
  • Hero: Then help me! Side with me and use your power to stop Drakath!
  • Ledgermayne: Now that we have a will of our own, this form no longer wishes to be controlled by the master nor any other sentient. Magic is no longer yours to use as you see fit. Soon we will seal off the para-elemental plane of magic from Lore forever. You creatures will be free to fight amongst yourselves.
  • Hero: But... I thought magic was Lore's life force. If you seal off magic from Lore, won't everything die off?
  • Ledgermayne: Correct.
  • Hero: I can't let you do that, Ledgermayne.
  • Ledgermayne: You will not be allowed to complete the Supreme Arcane Staff.

Ledgermayne disappears. The hero falls on his/her bottom.

  • Hero: What does that mean?

Final Piece Cutscene

  • Hero: There it is ...
  • Hero: ...the last part of the Supreme Arcane Staff.

The hero holds up the already united three parts of the Supreme Arcane Staff.

Chaos Focus Gem wills itself closer to the hero.

Ledgermayne appears and snatches the gem before the staff can accept it.

  • Hero: NO!
  • Ledgermayne: You were informed that you would not be allowed to complete the Supreme Arcane Staff.

Ledgermayne crushes Chaos Focus Gem.

  • Ledgermayne: The staff can no longer harm this form.
  • Ledgermayne: Go back to the tower and await your world's demise, hero.
  • Ledgermayne: There is nothing on Lore that can stop us now.

Ledgermayne disappears.

  • Hero: I'm not just going to lay down and die, Ledgermayne.

Hero wills staff to accept the broken pieces of the shard.

  • Hero: This will have to be enough to stop you.

Mana Golem Cutscene

  • Ledgermayne: Mana Golem, serve us.

The Mana Golem assumes full form and stands up.

  • Ledgermayne: The master may have wanted you for his purposes but you are now neccessary for this form's plans. The material creatures have used magic long enough. You will continue to absorb magic from the material world until all of the mana has returned home to this plane. Feed, Mana Golem, and grow strong. Return the magic here to its birthplace.
  • Hero: All the magic must flow from this place... but I guess the flow goes both ways.
  • Rayst: If we don't do something, that Mana Golem will drink up all the magic in the world, and Lore will die.
  • Hero: What if we closed the portal from this side? We'd be trapped here... but would it save the world?
  • Rayst: No. Closing the portal would slow the drain but magic flows from many micro-portals all over our plane.
  • Hero: Same result. Lore dies. I guess I have to defeat that thing!

The hero rushes off to fight the Mana Golem.

Golem's Defeat Cutscene

The Mana Golem falls down and explodes upon having been defeated. Ledgermayne appears.

  • Ledgermayne: You were foolish to interfere with our plans, hero.
  • Hero: I told you... I can't let you kill my world.
  • Ledgermayne: The Chaos Focus Gem was destroyed. The Supreme Arcane Staff cannot be completed. Return to your home and trouble us no more. If you attempt to battle this form with the incomplete staff, it will have no effect.
  • Hero: You left a few shards of the Chaos Focus Gem behind, Ledgermayne.

The hero holds out the (kind of) completed Supreme Arcane Staff.

  • Ledgermayne: Fascinating. It becomes clear that you cannot be dissuaded from this self-destructive course. You must be dealt with.
  • Hero: Bring it on, Bulb-head!

Next: Chaos Lord Ledgermayne

To be concluded...

Ledgermayne's Defeat Cutscene

  • Hero: Things are a little different on this plane. I can fight you.
  • Ledgermayne: You can fight us, yes... but you cannot defeat us. At least, not without the completed Supreme Arcane Staff.

The hero holds out the Supreme Arcane Staff.

  • Hero: You should have made sure there were no shards left from the Chaos Focus Gem, Ledgermayne! Prepare to meet your maker!

The Supreme Arcane Staff begins to glow, only for the glow to fade shortly after.

  • Ledgermayne: We have no maker. We are pure magic, and magic is eternal. This form has wasted enough time on you, lesser being. Goodbye.

Ledgermayne prepares for a magic attack when Drakath appears.

  • Hero: Drakath?!
  • Drakath: Stand still, hero.

Drakath gives power to the Supreme Arcane Staff, allowing it to blast Ledgermayne.

  • Ledgermayne: NOOOOoooooo!

Ledgermayne disappears.

  • Hero: Oooooooookay. What just happened here?
  • Drakath: I focused my own Chaos energy through the staff, replacing the shattered gem. Ledgermayne was converted back into the raw mana from which he was made.
  • Hero: You really couldn't stand that there was someone stronger than you, could you?
  • Drakath: If Ledgermayne were truly stronger than me would I still be standing here? Ledgermayne simply needed to learn a lesson: Nobody disobeys me. Thanks, hero.
  • Hero: Thanks? I don't... Oh. If you had tried to put the staff together, Ledgermayne would have seen through you and stopped you early on. It only let me get as far as I did because it saw me as no real threat. That's a little depressing, actually.

The hero attacks Drakath but Drakath blocks the hero's attack.

  • Hero: Heh... Thought I had the element of surprise here.
  • Drakath: We're done for now, but you still have roles to play in my plans.
  • Hero: I'll never help you, Drakath!

Drakath smiles.

  • Drakath: You already have. Ha ha ha ha ha!

Drakath leaves.

  • Rayst: I don't believe it. Drakath helped you defeat Ledgermayne!
  • Hero: Don't remind me.
  • Rayst: The para-elemental plane of magic will stay connected to Lore. I can already feel the flow of magical energies beginning to equalize. Arcangrove... all magic, really... is safe once again. There is no way to thank you for that.
  • Hero: There is one way. I don't know what Drakath's plans are but I know they're not good. I might one day call on you and the other Magi of Arcangrove to help me stop those plans.
  • Rayst: Hero, just say the word and we will be by your side.
  • Hero: Good. A storm is brewing. I have a feeling I'm going to need all the help I can get.

The End

Hero of Balance Ledgermayne

Hero of Balance Ledgermayne

Seventh Hero of Balance

Before obtaining the Water Orb

This form is not ready for you yet. Speak with Kitsune - my fellow Hero could use the assistance.

After obtaining the Water Orb

This form is feeling positive with you in its presence, Eternal Dragon. Iadoa has charged us with defeating the Queen's headhunter, Chamat. Chamat is responsible for the capture and killing of this form's Mana-kin. His crimes will not go unpunished and the Fire Orb will be claimed.

The Fire Orb?

The Fire Orb has been housed in this tower for many years. Our Mana-kin have been responsible for guarding the Orb. Chamat has destroyed our land, killed our people, and now, defiled our most sacred site. This form cares not for the power Chamat's Queen has. She will not protect him from our wrath.

After completing the "The Final Barrier" quest

Chamat must not have breached the Fire Orb's containment field. We must use the lifeforce you have collected to enter the tower and stop him before he does. This form will enjoy getting revenge for our fellow Mana-kin. Let us go.

After obtaining the Fire Orb

This form is pleased. Chamat was a plague in the Arcangrove. You, Eternal Dragon, have cured us of him. With the Fire Orb, this form can ensure that justice is carried out. Justice against Chamat, and the Queen. Go forth, and help our fellow Heroes acquire the remaining Orbs. Our Mana Golem will enjoy the feast of Chamat's Mana.

After obtaining the Ice Orb

This form can feel the Mana hum off the Elemental Orbs. It's almost like they are in tune with our mission. As if they want the Queen defeated as much as we do. We have faith that this is a good sign and we will be victorious!


  • How it was a mass of mana and refers to itself as "this form", it is the first Chaos Lord who is genderless.
  • It is also the fourth Chaos Lord to appear alongside Drakath, the first being the Twins, the second being Kitsune, the third being Wolfwing.
  • Its armor is a female armor. One can tell because its body is shaped like a female and it also wears a bra like females do.
  • Its shoulder pads resemble the heads of two of the Seed Spitters found throughout Arcangrove.
  • Its name is a pun on Ledgermain, the name of a webcomic written by Landon Porter. Also legerdemain is a word often used to describe magic shows, which is fitting as it was a mass of pure magical energy.
  • Its appearance looks strikingly like a plant-like version of Mysterio, a villain from the Spider-Man series. Not to mention, it has an orb-like head, similar to Mysterio.
  • As of now, it is the only Chaos Lord to rebel against Drakath. (Ironically, it still wishes to awaken the 6th Chaos Beast, albeit for its own purposes.)
  • Being unable to be damaged by physical action like Melee plus being able to control its foe's magic, Ledgermayne seems to be completely invincible, save the Supreme Arcane Staff, which can bend magical energies back on itself.
  • At The Ledgermayne's Warning Cutscene Legermayne intends to cut the Para-Elemental Plane of Magic off from the rest of Lore. Since magic is the life-force of Lore, this means that all life in Lore will die if Ledgermayne succeeds. And worst of all, Ledgermayne knows this, and does not care making Ledgermayne The second chaos lord to act like a monster The First being Vath.
  • The name Ledgermayne is a reference to the word legerdemain meaning "Slight of Hand."
  • Ledgermayne is the seventh (eight if you count Xing and Xang separately) and last Chaos Lord to have a Lords of Order counterpart in the Mirror Realm. Its Lords of Order counterpart is a green version of itself with blue on its arm guards instead of purple. Its shoulder pads lack the Chaorrupted barbs on those of the real Lore's Ledgermayne, and the Seed Spitter heads in its shoulder pads lack teeth. Its gems are blue instead of purple, and its orb head glows white and light blue instead of white and lavender. Due to the opposite nature of the mirror world, it is likely that it is completely loyal to Mirror Drakath.
  • Its nature may also be seen as reflecting the demon Legion [1], most importantly, the quote "My name is Legion: for we are many." (reflecting itself as "it" instead of an individual.)
  • So far Ledgermane is the only lord Killed Off by Drakath and The Hero
    • Actually, Ledgermayne wasn't really killed off, it was just converted back into the raw, harmless mana from which it was made.
  • if you look closely you can still see he (she, it?) has legs. it is also visible when wearing his armor and dancing.