Ledgermayne (Monster)

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This is the Monster type of Ledgermayne, for the NPC, click here.

Ledgermayne (Monster)
Level: 35
HP: 42,239
MP: 100
Difficulty: 3 stars
Exp: Depends on level.
Class Points: Depends on rank.
Gold: Depends on level.
Inventory and Quest Item Drops
Inventory Items: Equipables:

Quest/Temporary Items:

Quest Items: Not Set
Location: Ledgermayne (Location)
Ledgermayne Monster.png


  • It is one of the monsters that hit for the highest amount of damage in the game, alongside Stalagbite, Wolfwing, Tainted Elemental, Nulgath, J6, Defense Turret and Invisible.
  • Immune to stun.
  • Speaking of Discordia, Ledgermayne's animations are somewhat similar to Discordia's, and it also has his legs underneath its skirt. When defeated, it also gets Discordia's screaming face shortly before exploding. This is the first Chaos Lord to be built on his animations, the second two being Tibicenas (Monster) and Ultra-Tibicenas.
  • Ledgermayne has a charged attack that hits for a ton of damage. To avoid this, the player must stand on a glowing spot. This will cause Ledgermayne to heal you a little instead of dealing damage.
  • Can be soloed with dragonlord if dragonlord is enhanced warrior and by any other class that has healing abilities