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Chaos Lord Krellenos


Bloodtusk Ravine, Troll-side.


A Prophet in Bloodtusk Ravine

Its later revealed that he is the Bloodtusk Chaos Lord

Important text

Well met, Hero! I heard the buzz around town about you. Trolls are avid communicators, whether through their art, music, or just a good old gossip session over a cup of Oishii's Spiced Glug. I'd love to sit and hear tales of your adven- adven- ooooh... I-I'm sorry... it's another... vision.




  • According to Quibble, Krellenos is pretty clever. He went to work chaorrupting Horcs, Trolls, alliance soldiers, and animal hybrids alike, and nobody but Bachius suspected a thing about him.
  • He is also the fourth Chaos Lord to act like a monster, the first being Vath, the second being Ledgermayne, and the third being Tibicenas. He Chaorrupted his own brother Antiphuus, whom the players knew they had to kill while hoping that Sokrakiis would understand about it. He also stole the Accord of the Dark Sun, and later began chaorrupting Horcs and Trolls alike, forcing Kagg and Sokrakiis themselves into a meeting, and laughed about it. He later went on to attempt Chaorrupting the Arashite Ore of the ancient temple, using a Serpentress to do so which transformed the Serpentress into the Gruaige Baas. Kagg later blamed Krellenos for Antiphuus' death.
  • Krellenos is killed by his sister Khasaanda, making him the second Chaos Lord to be killed the first being Ledgermayne.
  • His Hero of Balance ancestor was killed by Horothotep, as mentioned by Tibicenas, who intended to have his Sphinx seal away the pyramid he took up residence in permanently.