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As The Star Captain Trainer
Original Look
As Ranger Korin


Guardian Tower

SuperLowe and Lowe(As Ranger Korin)


MechQuest Star Captain

The Real Park Ranger(As Ranger Korin)

Important Text

Korin in Guardian Tower

  • Welcome to Tek's v2.0! I've been able to establish contact with Tek in Soluna for all you Star Captains! Keep checking back, I'll get new items in.. when I can.


  • We love swords and sorcery. But every now and then you just need something different to enjoy. We have taken it one step further... We have merged Swords, Sorcery and Mecha. Every now and then you just need to blow up stuff in an over powered armed to the teeth mecha!


  • Imagine climbing into the cockpit of your very own Mecha - hundreds of tons of whooooole lot of firepower. There was only one place to learn how to pilot these - G.E.A.R.S. University.

As Ranger Korin

So. The whole George Lowe-Viathan monster thing. What's up with that? I've seen some pretty weird stuff out here, but… c'mon… just what kind of game is this? …never mind. Just go do your thing. It is over there waiting for you.


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  • The original design of Korin has no paper bag
  • Korin is famous along fans for the paper bag he wears on his head.