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This is the NPC type of Kitsune, for the monster, click here
The Fourth Lord of Chaos Kitsune, as he appeared in warpirate.
Kitsune in full armor stealing the Hanzamune DragonKoi Blade from Ai No Miko
Kitsune before turning into Chaos lord.


The Fourth Lord of Chaos


At first, he was one of the loyal guards of Emperor Daishyo of Yokai Island. He was part of divine protection from outsiders including Chaos. According to Hashi Hime telling to the hero, he and Daishyo worked as brothers and partners to help ensure a safe haven for living creatures. When he found out that the emperor was decided to extend the Island's hospitality to the outsiders (people from BattleOn), he got furious and did not share the same compassion towards outsiders and he made the plans to curse the emperor. Kitsune vowed to do everything in his power to restore Yokai Island back to its secluded sancturary. He became the Chaos lord by Drakath. Then he wears his chaos shogun armor. Drakath convinced Kitsune that the only way to "restore" the Yokai Island would be the release of great Yokai forbidden beast, O-dokuro, from the Rift of Time. The release of O-dokuro would made the emperor bow to Kitsune once more. He puts a curse on the emperor so Ai No Miko decided to start the Dragon Koi Tournament in hopes of finding the hero who could help in the crisis.

After the Dragon Koi Tournament, he steals the prized Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade, created a thousand years ago made by Hanzamune (NOTE; Hazamune is a reference it a super nintendo game which has a powerful plot related sword named -Masamune-, created by masa and mune), from Princess Ai No Miko.

He uses the sword to call forth the Chaos Beast O-dokuro by opening the Rift of Time. Yokai kept on pouring through the rift, and the hero was able to close it after getting the Hanzamune Blade, which Kitsune carelessly tossed aside. After that, Kitsune regained the blade, chaorupting it in the process, and then was defeated by the hero. After Kitsune and the hero dueled, Kitsune used his strength to make himself invisible. After the hero slashes blindly, the hero accidently opens the Rift of Time. Kitsune, who was about to run into the rift opening, was unable to stop in time, and was sucked into the rift to the Yokai World. The hero then closed the rift, sealing Kitsune inside. The emperor's spell was lifted, and the hero then defeated Ryoku before becoming the winner on the Dragon Koi Tournament. The Island of Yokai was then peacefull once again.

Important text

Cutscene after you press the sail to yokai isle button

Hero is shown fighting Yokai Ninja; looks like a vision in a small orb.

Orb zooms out, and the face of Kitsune is revealed. The small orb is floating about a candle, and it dissolves.

  • Kitsune: It appears that the hero did not heed my warning.
  • (Voice from the darkness): Master, Drakath warned us! We are doomed!
  • Kitsune: Do not worry. What you see before you is a blunt instrument. They have achieved victory through brute force...
  • Kitsune: ...But you cannot cut through an ever-changing river with an axe.
  • Kitsune: This hero will have no idea how to deal with illusion, trickery and lies.
  • Kitsune: By the time they have discovered the truth, the chaos beast will have awakened and humans will be nothing more than fairytale monsters that we will tell our young about.
  • (Voice from the darkness): Hehehehehe!
  • (Voice from the darkness): Yes! The humans will never ignore us again!
  • Kitsune: Come, my Yokai brothers and sisters... We have a guest to prepare for!

Darkness is lit up with red, glowing eyes.

  • Text: Take the boat to yokai isle!

Cutscene after the tournament

After Princess Ai No Miko shows the Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade to the Hero

  • Kitsune: "I've always thought so."
  • Princess Miko: "Kitsune?! What are you doing here? GUARDS..."
  • Kitsune: "Don't mind me, Princess. I'll just take my prize and leave."
  • Hero: "I got it!"

Hero fails to get the Hazamune Dragon Koi Blade...

  • Kitsune: "Too slow, Hero. You should be grateful that I did not bother entering the tournament. You're no match for me."
  • Kitsune: "Not that either of you know the true power of the Hanzamune Dragon Koi blade. It's wasted on humans like you."
  • Princess Miko: "Kitsune, the sword does not belong to a cheater like you. My father will not stop until it is recovered."
  • Kitsune: "HAHAHAHAHAHA! I disagree, princess. I doubt that your father will care. The Yokai are true masters of this island and it's time that you humans remembered that."
  • Kitsune: "I'll be seeing you. Both of you."

Kitsune steals the Hanzamune Dragon Koi Sword and leaves the Hero and Princess Miko.

Cutscene Before the Fight against Kitsune

After the hero has closed up the rift, he/she falls down losing the sword which then buries itself into the ground. Kitsune reclaims the sword, chaorrupting it in the process.

  • Kitsune: I can see that hero is more of a problem than I first thought.
  • Kitsune: I cannot allow anything to interfere with my plans. The rift must be re-opened...
  • Kitsune: ...But first I have to deal with this Legendary Dragon myself.

Cutscene After the Fight against Kitsune

Kitsune is knocked down, and the hero reclaims the Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade, now back to its normal state.

  • Hero: Kitsune, the people of this island still respect and honor the Yokai that live here, but you got greedy.
  • Kitsune: My Yokai brothers and sisters have ALWAYS been superior to humans. It's time we took our place as your masters!
  • Hero: Your plans end here, right now!
  • Kitsune: We shall see. How can you defeat what you can't even see, hero!?

Kitsune starts to run while invisible. The hero slashes wildly with the sword, trying to hit him.

  • Hero: WHERE DID YOU GO?!?! I hate when you do that!

At one time, the hero opens up a rift in front of Kitsune with the blade.

  • Kitsune: No! Not like this! It can't end like this! I won't go back to the Yokai world! NOOOOoooooooooooo!

Kitsune is sucked into the rift and the hero closes it with the sword.


  • It is ironic that Kitsune is the Fourth Lord of Chaos. In Japanese and Chinese superstitions, the number 4 is said to be unlucky, owing to the fact that the word 'four' sounds almost exactly the same as 'death' in both languages.
  • Unlike the masters of brute force: Vath & Escherion, Kitsune used trickery and lies to fulfill his role - summoning the next Beast of Chaos.( he turns into a chaos fox, it's also a pet dropped by kitsune.)
  • He first appeared in warpirate, though he was depicted as watching the Hero's actions aboard the pirate ship through a magical orb of farsight. His first full appearance occurs after Ai No Miko shows the Hero the Hanzamune Dragon Blade. He appears in a full chaos outfit as the Chaos Shogun.
  • Behind his mask is actually the visage fox (showing his ears in silhouette at the cutscene but not showing his true form), as implied by his name ( Kitsune means 'Fox' in Japanese.
  • His outfit looks similar to Shredder, the main villain of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. (This armor was probably inspired by the Shredder's armor because of the ninja, and as stated in one of the Design Note posts, Artix likes the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.)
  • He was the first Chaos Lord to not use a weapon given as a gift from Drakath with the second being Maximillian Lionfang.
  • His morph is Alpha Male Fox Morph. And his outfit before was Youkono.
  • He won't drop his red oni (literally means demon) mask which Mod Ddog has it.
  • The Hazamune Dragon Blade could be a possible reference to the Masamune Blade, as the creator of the Hazamune Blade, Hazamune, was said to be a legendary swordsmaker of great skill. Masamune was a real swordsmaker whose swords were so beautiful that one of them became a national treasure of Japan in 1942.
  • His Lords of Order version in the Mirror Realm, which appeared during AQWorlds 2nd Birthday Event, is a non-chaorrupted version of himself wearing a blue cape, helmet, and armor with gold/yellow rims/linings. His faceplate is removed revealing his non-chaorrupted fox face, on his belt is golden Japanese writing instead of a Chaorrupted Yokai skull, the blades on his shoulder pads are non-chaorrupted, and the gem on his helmet's crest is red instead of purple. The blades on his arm and leg guards are removed, save for the ones on the edges of his arm guards over his hands.


Moderator DDog has unreleased Kitsune items. Kitsune will drop 2 of his items, his non-chaorrupted shogun armor and Hanzamune Dragon Koi Blade (within it's scabbard). He will also drop the unsheathed Dragon Koi Blade and his real Chaos Shogun Armor.
All of Kitsune's drops (Kitsune's Full Set)