I Don't Mean to Harp On It...

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Location info
Level Required: 1
Location: Djinn
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: Not Fixed
Monster List: Harpy
NPCs: Efreet
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: 10 Harpy Feather
Total Experience: 1,500 Exp
Total Gold: 1,000 Gold
Total Reputation: 2,500 Sandsea Reputation
Equipment Won: N/A
This quest can only be done once.
Harpies have taken to the air and are harassing my djinn, causing their work to be interrupted and even, at times, making it impossible to finish. This is a most annoying development, and the management of my people is degrading into near-chaos. Take care of this harpy havoc by bringing me the pin feathers of 7 harpies and I will be most grateful.