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The Heroes of Balance refer to a group of thirteen heroes who lived in another time long before Lore became the Lore we know today, and saved that Lore by obtaining the eight Elemental Orbs and using their power to seal the Queen of Monsters away. Each Hero of Balance bears a striking resemblance to one of their descendants, who became the Chaos Lords serving Drakath, and also shares the same name as them. They also heavily resemble their descendants' Mirror Realm counterparts, the Lords of Order. Just like their descendants, these heroes also command legendary creatures to aid them; specifically, the same legendary creatures that the Chaos Beasts raised by the Chaos Lords are actually recreations of.

The Hero also counts as a Hero of Balance as he/she teamed up with twelve of those thirteen heroes. During the Queen of Chaos event, the heroes travel back in time to join forces with them and help them collect the Elemental Orbs and defeat the Queen of Monsters.

After these legendary heroes emerged victorious, just before the Queen was about to be locked away in her own Plane of Monsters, though, she cast a curse on the thirteen heroes that would, many aeons later in the present day, lead to their descendants being chosen by Drakath as his 13 Chaos Lords who would raise their Chaos Beasts as part of his plan to activate the Chaos Portal on Mount DoomSkull and set her free once more. Nevertheless, the Eternal Dragon of Time, the players' true form, showed her a vision of her eventual death should she remain on Lore, and after she was sealed away, the Heroes of Balance celebrated their victory and saw to the restoration of Lore all the same while the players traveled back to their respective era, while agreeing that they would have time to worry about the curse that was placed on them after their celebration.

Heroes of Balance



  • The original ninth Hero of Balance was Krellenos, Khasaanda's brother. He was captured by the Queen of Monsters and killed by Horothotep, thus Khasaanda volunteered to take his place as the new ninth Hero of Balance. This mirrors the fact that the present-day counterpart of Krellenos had his power stolen and his position usurped and was killed by his own sister. Hero of Balance Tibicenas knew Hero of Balance Krellenos as a good friend of his, thus why he was willing to stop Horothotep and seal the pyramid he was lurking in away in order to avenge him.
  • Discordia was Kimberly's best friend who sacrificed himself to save her and pretended to be the sixth Hero of Balance to ensure her safety. He was captured by the Queen of Monsters and horribly mutated by Kolyaban. This mirrors the fact that the present Discordia was being mind-controlled by the real sixth Chaos Lord, present Kimberly.
  • Tibicenas mentions that he had a master of his own, referencing his present-day Chaos Lord counterpart's master Zahart. It is unknown who the master of Hero of Balance Tibicenas was.
  • Xang mentions that she and Xing were once one person living a normal life with their children, until Kolyaban arrived and murdered their children. The anguish was too much for their original form to take, and split them into two people. This references the fused form of their present-day Chaos Lord counterparts, Xiang.
  • The January 2009 design notes originally documented that the ones who sealed the Queen away using the Elemental Orbs were dragons instead of the Heroes of Balance. This was later changed so that the Heroes of Balance were the ones who sealed her with the Orbs, according to several books in the Chaos Realm and later the Queen of Chaos saga.