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Cutscenes played in the Frostval events.

'Twas the Knight Before Frostval Book (Frostval 2009)

The pages of the 'Twas the Knight Before Frostval book are listed below throughout this section of the page, including the cutscene after defeating Santy Claws.

Page 1

  • 'Twas the night before Frostval, and all through the town
    • Heroes welcomed one another as snow fluttered down...
  • In the town of Battleon glad hearts were befriended
    • for the spirit of Frostval had finally descended...
  • Left socks were strewn all across Yulgar's Inn
    • in hopes that Cysero would leave presents within...

Page 2

  • On heroes of all levels their gazes held high
    • since the dawning of Frostval was drawing ever nigh...
  • Amidst all the battles with sneevils and bears
    • the heroes did hurry to Battleon to prepare...
  • They all stopped in awe at a wonderful sight
    • of the town's tallest tree festooned with light...
  • Each hero fell silent to receive tender grace
    • as a golden Frostval Moglin was nestled into place...
  • A loud /cheer did erupt arising from the crowd
    • 'twas truly a magical sight the heroes did avow...
  • After oohs and awws they bid evening farewells
    • No sound could be heard save for jingling bells...
  • Then (what a shock), with a blinding flash,
    • a horrible creature appeared with a crash...
  • It was Santy Claws with his fur as black as night
    • and a face far from jolly spreading fear and fright...
  • A glimmer of gold caught his Moglinster eye
    • and he rushed to the tree reaching way up high...
  • There at the top of the tree, sat his prize
    • the golden Frostval Moglin with fear in her eyes...
  • He grabbed the gold moglin, in his hands held her tight,
    • gave a tormenting chuckle and disappeared into the night...

Page 3

  • Meanwhile, no heroes in flannels were snug in their beds.
    • They all equipped armor with helms on their heads...
  • For a battle was nearing, 'twas no time for a pause.
    • Frostval was in trouble, thanks to Santy Claws...
  • Out near the Toy Factory there arose such a commotion
    • the Heroes jumped with the space bar and sprang into motion...
  • They raced through the snow as fast as heroes could,
    • 'Til they found moglin Blizzy, alone did he... stood.
  • They wasted no time and ran straight inside.

Page 4

  • Blizzy was cold and scared for he saw Claws' sin
    • as the Moglinster rushed past trapping the golden Moglin within...
  • The Heroes riminded Blizzy of what was at stake
    • for the spirit of Frostval Santy Claws did take...
  • If there was no Frostval for all the boys and girls
    • there would be no more magic left in AQWorlds...
  • The heroes' hearts would not let it be so.
    • They /unsheathed their weapons and all yelled, "Let's go!"...
  • North past the Toy Factory the heroes prepared for the fight

Page 5 (Cutscene)

It shows the hero standing triumphant, Santy Claws kneeling defeated, and a small golden Frostval Moglin face-first in the snow.

  • There Santy Claws stood defeated, dejected
    • for the loss of the battle he never expected...

Scene shifts to the golden Frostval Moglin as she lifts her head off the snow.

  • Just then with Frostval half-dead
    • The little golden Moglin managed to lift her head...

Light shines down on the golden Frostval Moglin and she gets up on her feet.

  • The golden Moglin was graced with Frostval magic from afar
    • and shimmered with a light like a grand Northland star...

The Golden Frostval Moglin fires a light beam at Santy Claws.

  • She waved her arms and focused the light
    • on Santy Claws trying to flee in the night...

The light beam hits Santy Claws and another light beam traps him in place.

  • The terrible fur and fangs fell away from his face
    • and a new moglin form appeared in his place...

The second light beam transforms Santy Claws into a new Moglin form as stated above.

  • The Moglinster morphed right before their very eyes
    • a new Santy Claws appeared and gave a joyous cry...

Santy Claws reappears as another small Golden Frostval Moglin (this one wingless) as he descends downward onto the snow.

  • For the Moglinster Claws was just simply thus:
    • a former Frostval moglin somehow turned villainous...

The wingless Golden Frostval Moglin notices the winged one to his joy and runs over to her and they both start dancing.

  • The Heroes and Moglins rejoiced at the wonderous turn
    • and they all left at once to Battleon they returned!

Scene zooms out to include the victorious hero and the victory-dancing Moglins together as light shines down on and shadows all three as it fades out afterwards.

Happy Frostval!

Page 6

  • Back in the town they ran to the tree
    • as the two Frostval moglins climbed up with glee...
  • The two golden moglins on boughs so tall
    • spread their newfound magic to one and to all...
  • Joyous good will returned to every girl and boys' soul
    • through the magic of Frostval and two moglins of gold...
  • And just before daybreak, with Frostval delight,
    • everyone /cheered: "Happy Frostval to all, and to all the good knights!"

Frostval 2010

Spirit Arrives

  • Hero: Hey Blizzy, what's going on?
  • Blizzy: 'Frostval is almost here!
  • Hero: I know you Frost Moglins make gifts for everyone all over Lore every Frostval, but you guys seem more hectic than usual.
  • Blizzy: No, I mean the SPIRIT of Frostval is almost here!

The hero is given a choice of whether to say "Uh oh. Has anyone told Artix?" or "A ghost? *grin* I'll go get my weapon."

Upon choosing the Evil choice of "A ghost? *grin* I'll go get my weapon."...

  • Blizzy: NO! It's bad enough that Artix exorcised the ghosts of Frostval Past Present and Future a few Frostvals ago. Please don't... um... help. She is the living embodiment of Frostval itself. She doesn't appear very often but she has decided to come HERE TONIGHT! We just wanted to make sure everything is ready before she...

Upon choosing the Good choice of "Uh oh. Has anyone told Artix?"...

  • Blizzy: After he exorcised the ghosts of Frostval Past Present and Future a few Frostvals ago, we thought it would be better if he stayed at home. She is the living embodiment of Frostval itself. She doesn't appear very often but she has decided to come HERE TONIGHT! We just wanted to make sure everything is ready before she...

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows. The Frostval Spirit appears.

  • Frostval Spirit: Hello everyone! Happy holidays! I see you've been hard at work on your gifts.
  • Blizzy: Happy Frostval, Spirit! We're so happy that you could visit!
  • Frostval Spirit: I can only visit the real world every so often, but every trip is worth it. Greetings, Hero! I see that you've come to take part in the celebrations! Happy Frostval!

The hero bows.

  • Hero: To you as well, Spirit.
  • Frostval Spirit: Tell me, what is your favorite thing about Frostval?

The hero chooses between "Giving presents, of course!" and "Getting presents, obviously."

Upon choosing "Getting presents, obviously."...

  • Hero: This is the best time of the year because of all the FREE STUFF! I get presents from every direction, even thought some of them are dumb... ...But I can just re-gift that stuff to people I don't like very much and save some gold. It's win-win!

Upon choosing "Giving presents, of course!"...

  • Hero: I like to put a lot of thought into the gifts that I give, and I LOVE seeing the faces of my friends when they open their gifts! It's the best feeling!

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows.

  • Frostval Spirit: HA HA! Yes, gifts are a wonderful part of the holiday but there's SO MUCH to like. I ask everyone that question because I can never pick a favorite part myself.
  • Blizzy: Happy Frostval, everyone!
  • ?????: ...And very a Happy Frostval to you too. Ha ha ha ha ha!

A white shadowed figure appears and reveals himself to be none other than an old foe, Archlord Maximilian Lionfang!

  • Hero: Maximilian Lionfang! But... How? We all saw you jump out of the Golden Onslaught Tower after I defeated you and freed all the heroes of Battleon!

The hero chooses between "Why are you here?" and "You should have stayed dead!"

Upon choosing "You should have stayed dead!"...

  • Hero: But it's great that you've come to the party, and you even brought me a present. I get to beat you into the ground just like I did last time. It's the gift that keeps on giving.

Upon choosing "Why are you here?"...

  • Hero: It's kind of a Frostval miracle that you survived. I'm not too happy to see you but if you're really here to celebrate... it's the time of year to forgive. Just know this, if you have come to harm any of my friends I'll stop you again.

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows.

  • Lionfang: HA! You actually think that you defeated me? You only made me stronger. My Golden Onslaught soldiers are fewer in number than before. After our last encounter the weak tried to flee... ...but nobody leaves the Golden Onslaught. After we hunted the deserters down, It left only the strongest, fiercest and most loyal soldiers in my army. Each of them is willing to do ANYTHING to ensure that good defeats evil.

The hero chooses between "You still think that you're good?!" and "Good will never defeat evil!"

Upon choosing "Good will never defeat evil!"...

  • Hero: You really don't get this "truce" thing, do you? Drakath is the real threat now. King Alteon and Gravelyn have JOINED FORCES to defeat Chaos. We have to put aside our differences... for now... or there will be no world left to rule. You're no "Champion of Good"...You're just a blind fool.

Upon choosing "You still think that you're good?!"..."

  • Hero: ...After all that you've done? Worst of all, you're still blinded by your hatred. Drakath is the real threat now. King Alteon and Gravelyn have JOINED FORCES to defeat Chaos. If we don't work together, all hope is lost for Lore! Hope is what we need now, more than anything.

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows.

  • Lionfang: You still think good can ever truly find a truce with evil, and I am the blind one? I think not, Hero. It's the rest of Lore that is blinded by it's fear. Frostval is supposed to be a time of peace. I say there will be NO peace until the last shred of evil is burned out of ever heart in the land. I've made a list. I've checked it twice. I've found ALL OF YOU naughty!

Lionfang holds out a snow globe and throws it at the Frostval Spirit and the gifts, trapping them all within it.

  • Blizzy: The presents! The Spirit! He's taken them all!
  • Hero: Lionfang, you just made the worst choice of your life...
  • Lionfang: Easy, Hero. If I smash this snow globe, the Spirit of Frostval will be destroyed along with it. ...Not to mention all those gifts. They are all property of the Golden Onslaught now! Happy Frostval! HAHAHA!

Lionfang teleports away via snowstorm.

  • Blizzy: We've got to save them.

The hero chooses between "We've got to save the Spirit!" and "Nobody steals my presents!" No matter which decision he/she makes, the same scene follows.

  • Hero: Somehow I'll find a way to stop Lionfang with him smashing the snow globe... ...but I won't be able to track Lionfang through that snow.
  • Blizzy: Only one person I know of in the frozen northlands could have crafted that magic snow globe...
  • Hero: Lead the way. Lionfang will NOT ruin Frostval!


  • Garaja: Ok, enough. I give up. Take what you want and leave me alone!
  • Blizzy: Garaja, we're not here to steal from you.
  • Hero: We just want some answers. Maximilian Lionfang has the Spirit of Frostval and all the Frostval gifts trapped in one of your magic snow globes.
  • Garaja: Yes, I know.
  • Blizzy: You knew what he had planned and you just GAVE him the snow globe?

The hero chooses between "Let's hear him out." and "Of course he did."

Upon choosing "Of course he did."...

  • Hero: I don't care what your reasons are for giving Lionfang one of your snow globes... ...I'm not going to let you help him ruin my Frostval.

The hero grabs Garaja by the neck and starts choking him.

  • Hero: Tell me where Lionfang has his base camp, or you won't be around long enough to regret ruining Frostval.
  • Garaja: You're just like the rest of those thugs.
  • Hero: No... I'm MUCH worse.

The hero places Garaja back down on his feet and lets him go.

Upon choosing "Let's hear him out."...

  • Garaja: I... I had no choice. Long ago, my castle was filled with my loyal servants, their families... their children. *smile* How I LOVED to hear those children laugh when they shook my snow globes. Then Sepulchure came looking for more soldiers for his evil army. My servants fled to hide their families from his army. Now I am the only one here, and all I have are my snow globes. When Lionfang came, he threatened to break all of them. I... I couldn't let him do that. I promised him whatever he wanted, as long as he would just leave me with my memories.
  • Blizzy: Oh... you poor man. I understand.
  • Hero: I do too...

The hero hugs Garaja and helps him get back on his feet.

  • Hero: ...But we have to stand up to bullies like Lionfang, or else they will rule our lives. Please, you have to help us find Lionfang or Frostval will be his forever.

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows.

  • Garaja: Alright, I'll tell you what I know. Here's a map to his lair.

Garaja holds out a map leading to the Golden Ruins.

  • Garaja: There's a secret escape route that leads out of my throne room. It will get you closer to Lionfang.

The door left of Garaja's throne opens up.

  • Blizzy: Thank you, Garaja.
  • Garaja: Yeah, yeah. Just make sure to give Lionfang a kick in the pants for me.
  • Hero: You can count on that.

Gifts Burn

  • Blizzy: There he is!
  • Hero: Lionfang, you're done.
  • Lionfang: You made a mistake following me, hero. I warned you that I would destroy the snow globe. That wasn't an empty threat.

The hero chooses between "You have a chance to do the right thing." and "You're nothing but a coward!"

Upon choosing "You're nothing but a coward!"...

  • Hero: You know that if you smash that snow globe then there's nothing stopping me from ending you. You're so scared to face me that you're cowering behind your prisoner as a shield. It's sad, really. Stop hiding. Face me, one on one if you think you're up to it.

Upon choosing "You have a chance to do the right thing."...

  • Hero: The Spirit of Frostval is still in the snow globe. There must be a way to get her out safely. Consider what you're doing. Is it really the "good" thing? A good person doesn't take hostages. This is between you and me. Leave the Spirit out of it.

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows.

  • Lionfang: Hmmmm. You make a good point.

Lionfang jumps down off the pile of gifts and holds out his whip.

  • Lionfang: This fight is just between you and me. No more hostages. However... the world must still suffer for bending its will to evil.

Lionfang whips and burns the pile of gifts with his whip.

  • Lionfang: HA HA HA HA HA!
  • Hero: You'll pay for that!

Frostval Lives

The hero defeats Lionfang and knocks him down, and recovers the snow globe holding the Frostval Spirit.

  • Hero: Keep the change, you filthy animal.

Scene switches over to the town of Frostvale where the hero and Blizzy have brought Lionfang in chains to King Alteon and Gravelyn.

  • Gravelyn: Well done. You captured that madman, Lionfang and recovered the magic snow globe.
  • Alteon: I've sent word to Warlic, Cysero and Garaja. One of them will know how to free the Spirit without destroying her.
  • Hero: I just wish I could have stopped him before he burned all the gifts. Sorry, Blizzy.
  • Blizzy: It's OK. It was a lot of work but they were only things. The Spirit is safe and that is what counts. There will be presents to look forward to next year, I guess *sigh*

Lionfang's eyes glow Chaos purple as his chaotic side kicks in. He moves forward and kicks the snow globe out of the hero's hands to everyone's horror. The hero and Blizzy attempt to catch the snow globe, but they are too late to prevent it from smashing into a nearby rock.

  • Blizzy: She... She's gone. Frostval is gone.
  • Hero: I can't believe it.
  • Lionfang: This is the price you pay for your pathetic truce! There! Queen Gravelyn, King Alteon... Frostval is DEAD!

Blizzy is shown crying.

  • Blizzy: Noooo. *cries*
  • Oh come now, Blizzy. There's no need for tears during Frostval!
  • Lionfang: WHAT?! IMPOSSIBLE! I destroyed you!

The Frostval Spirit reappears.

  • Blizzy: Spirit?! But how...?
  • Spirit: The Spirit of Frostval is an IDEA. I am the kindness, charity, generosity, peace, and love that exist in every heart. Even Lionfang's. Ideas, especially those born of the best that the world has to offer, can never die.

The Frostval Spirit magically restores the Frostval gifts and presents.

  • Blizzy: The presents! They're back!

Lionfang kneels defeated.

  • Alteon: That's great, Blizzy. But it's so late... can you frost moglins get the gifts to everyone on time?
  • Blizzy: I...uh... NO! There's no way!
  • Hero: Don't admit defeat so quickly. There's always a way! I have an idea...

The hero chooses between "King Alteon has the numbers we need." and "Queen Gravelyn has an army of unmatched power."

Upon choosing "Queen Gravelyn has an army of unmatched power."...

  • Hero: She can command her undead minions to spread the gifts far and wide. It will be an show of military power like Lore has never seen... a demonstration of how far your reach truly extends, my queen. Everyone will get their presents and nobody will ever doubt the might of pure EVIL ever again. With those numbers the presents should make it everything just in time for Frostval!
  • Gravelyn: Excellent thinking, hero! I'll summon my undead legion at once.

Upon choosing "King Alteon has the numbers we need."...

  • Hero: He can send his riders out, far and wide with the gifts. It will show the world that, even in a time of peace between good and evil, there is nothing that GOOD cannot overcome! With those numbers the presents should make it everything just in time for Frostval!
  • Alteon: A perfect solution, hero! I'll summon my soldiers at once!

No matter which choice you make, the same scene follows.

  • Blizzy: WOW! We might just pull this off!
  • Hero: We WILL!
  • Spirit: I salute you, hero. Your actions inspired hope in those around you which gave me the power to restore the gifts. Thanks to your courage and quick thinking, you have saved Frostval for everyone. You have my gratitude! Happy Frostval!
  • Hero, Blizzy, Alteon, & Gravelyn: Happy Frostval!

Happy Frostval to one and all!

Frostval 2011

Find the Flame

Cutscene opens in the town of Battleon, as snow falls down on the town. Aria, Yulgar, and Valencia are gazing at the snow. The screen flashes white.

Frostval carols turn to frozen screams as the first flakes of a deadly snow begin to fall...

Aria, Yulgar, and Valencia are shown again, but this time they happen to appear being infected with some kind of ice virus.

Across Lore, people feel the blood in their veins turn to ice. The chills racing up and down their backs is not their imagination...

Robina and Red Hunting Hood appear as well, and they appear infected as well.

As their minds are numbed with ice, the people of Lore feel their hearts grow cold.

Cassim appears as well, and he's infected, too.

The presents they were wrapping, the trees they were decorating, and the Frostval joy they were spreading... abandoned.

Renn shows up, infected by the ice virus as well.

Unable to feel anything but the icy venom in their veins, the people of Lore grow cold, bitter.

Even Rayst is shown not to be immune to the icy venom in his veins.

Selfish. Unable to feel any of the warmth and magic of Frostval.

Scene shifts to Frostvale, where the hero is running over to Blizzy.

  • Blizzy: Oh, (character name)! Thank you for coming! We are so frightened!
  • Hero: I was on my way here already. The roads are all deserted! I’m used to seeing people out celebrating by now.
  • Blizzy: You can FEEL it, can’t you? The air is so... COLD! *shiver*
  • Hero: Of course it’s cold! It’s WINTER! Snow, ice, hot chocolate, presents... Frostval’s here!
  • Blizzy: No no no! Lore is cold! There is no... spirit! We moglins, we can FEEL it in the air. All around us, every Frostval. But that joy, the happy noise, the echoes of music and bells, it’s all silent. And... when I try to talk to the Spirit of Frostval, SHE is silent, too! She’s – she’s never not answered me before! She ALWAYS talks to me! She’s GONE! She can’t come where there is no love, no hope, no JOY!
  • Hero: Then we will bring her back! And we’ll figure out how to restore the magic of Frostval to everyone! ...Once we figure out what happened to them.
  • Blizzy: They are cold, so cold! Like ice in their veins. We have to hurry! We need heat, warmth... we need the Flame of Frostval! It lives in the Spirit of Frostval, and in everyone’s hearts. But... if their hearts are frozen, we’ll need to find one that ISN’T!
  • Hero: That’s going to be pretty hard. You could freeze a fire elemental just by standing out in THIS cold!
  • Blizzy: We’re going to see my long-ago friend! She’s so busy now, but when she was little, I met her during her first Frostval. She was so happy, she’d never seen a Frostval before! We will go to her, to then, and we’ll find the Flame of Frostval there!
  • Hero: We’re... going back in time? How? This isn’t some Spirit of Frostval Past thing, is it? I’m not in the mood for ghosts today.
  • Blizzy: NO, (character name)! We’ll get there by MAGIC, moglin-style! Hugs are the most powerful magic on Lore! Just hang on and hug back!

Blizzy and the hero hug each other, causing themselves to travel through time, back to when Gravelyn was just a child.

  • Hero: Gravelyn?! Blizzy, you brought me to Empress Gravelyn?!
  • Gravelyn: Ooooh, new playmates! But – YOU AREN’T UNDEAD! Did Daddy get me LIVING playmates?! That’s... so unlike him. YOU are going to be MY new friend! It’s so BORING here since Chuckles rolled away. I can’t find him and THESE boneheads don’t know how to have fun AT ALL! And Daddy is so busy all the time. I TRY to help him... I give him all these GREAT ideas about how to use the Undead and how to be the EVILLEST Daddy EVER! But – but *sniffle* usually he just tells me to go play.

Several flashbacks to Gravelyn's attempts to get Sepulchure to help her being in vain are shown. Back to the hero, Blizzy, and Gravelyn.

  • Gravelyn: He’s too busy making undead, planning invasions, plotting to take over... He has ALL the FUN!
  • Hero: Aren’t you... at all surprised... to see us here? New faces appearing in your play room unexpectedly don’t... scare you?
  • Gravelyn: Pffft, I could zap you undead before you could BLINK! I... I think. I’ve been practicing, and I’m getting REALLY good! So don’t try anything funny! Besides, Daddy is always bringing new Undead to the Fortress. I’m sure they were alive like you at one point or another.
  • Skelly 1 (Stan): Arroooo?
  • Skelly 2: Yeah, Stan, I miss it, too.
  • Gravelyn: Quiet, you! I am the only Undead allowed to talk Human!
  • Hero: ... You’re... Undead? ...
  • Gravelyn: Of course I am! Hehehe! But I am the BEST Undead! All these other ones are dumb. ANYWAYS! We’re wasting TIME talking... New Friend!
  • Hero: I have a name, you know.
  • Gravelyn: Meh. THEY all had names, too, and I never learned those either. And now all they say when I’m around is their dumb undead talk. When they think I can’t hear, THEN they talk about interesting things.
  • Hero: Oh? Like what? I never really imagined the undead has... interests. I thought they just... decomposed, I guess.
  • Gravelyn: Oh! Lots of stuff! You wouldn’t think Undead were so interesting, but we ARE! Like, yesterday I was hiding in the closet practicing my concealment skills. And I heard them remembering their Frostvals. It sounded really fun! I’d never heard of... Frostval... before. You get presents, right? And play games, and have fun and...
  • Hero: You’ve... never experienced Frostval?
  • Gravelyn: I TOLD you, Daddy is BUSY! And besides, it’s probably not proper for a Princess of Evil to do... that. I guess.
  • Hero: Blizzy, is this REALLY where we need to be to find the Flame of Frostval? She doesn’t even know what it IS... How is this going to help?
  • Blizzy: Trust me, (character name)!
  • Gravelyn: You’re not paying attention to me! Come ON. We’re going to go have fun and help my Daddy to Evil stuff. ... Well? What are you waiting for? MOVE!

Shadowfall Frostval

  • Gravelyn: Oh, DADDY! I’ve got wicked dragon skulls to hang in my room and I’ve brought you LIONS to ‘deadify! My new friend... um... New Friend... helped me get them, but just a LITTLE! Let ME try ‘deadifying them this time! I’ll do GOOD and they’ll be all BONY and come let me SHOW you –

Sepulchure, having heard what Gravelyn just said, turns to his skeletal servant, who looks at him in silence. Another skeleton appears.

  • Skelly: Arroooo!
  • Gravelyn: Daddy ALWAYS means that! I don’t want his attention later. I want it NOW! How can I learn to be the EVILLEST Undead if Daddy doesn’t show me his worstest tricks!
  • Skelly: Arrreeeee-ooo? Ooooough!
  • Gravelyn: I don’t believe you! I would know if there was a surpr –

Sepulchure interrupts his daughter as he turns to her.


The skeleton carries Gravelyn out of Sepulchure's planning room. Scene shifts to the hero, Blizzy, Gravelyn, and the skeleton.

  • Hero: So... was your father impressed?
  • Gravelyn: Daddy WILL be, once I explain everything. He usually gives me lessons at night, but... He must be busy right now. I... I had wanted him to explain Frostval!
  • Hero: ... I suppose... *I* could explain it to y –
  • Blizzy: No no no! The Princess must go to her room now. As her father said. Even Evil Princesses must obey their fathers!
  • Gravelyn: Pfffft. I suppose. Fiiiiiiine.

Gravelyn turns to the skeleton.

  • Gravelyn: If you’re not right about the surprise, I’m going to do something really – really – BAD!
  • Skelly: Aroo! Eeeeeeerg-ooo!
  • Gravelyn: Good. You’d better be right!

Scene shifts over to Gravelyn's room, where she sees to her joy that it has been decorated. The skeleton, the hero, Blizzy, and even Sepulchure are all there as well.

  • Hero: Is... this what I think it is?
  • Blizzy: SHHHH! Just watch!
  • Gravelyn: W-what IS all this? It’s so WARM and that – that spine-tree is so PRETTY! I’ve never seen bones like that! You! What IS this?
  • Skelly: OOOOOOOrgh! Aree! Aree!
  • Gravelyn: I – I feel… funny. Inside. I am... all fluttery inside. Is THIS... Frostval?

Sepulchure turns and nods in a positive fashion to his servant.

  • Skelly: Arooooo!

Chuckles rolls in.

  • Gravelyn: Chuckles! Did YOU do this for me! When I haven’t even finished building you a body? You are my BESTEST Undead Friend! Oh THANK you! It’s ... WONDERFUL!' B-but... this is so warm. So... happy? Is – I don’t think a Evil Princess of the Shadowscythe should DO this Frostval thing... right?
  • Skelly: AROO.
  • Gravelyn: D-daddy? Is this ok?


  • Gravelyn: Fiiiine. I’ll make my OWN decisions, like you taught me. Like a true Evil Princess would. But even a Princess has advisors! What do YOU think, Chuckles? Is this alright? At least... for one night a year? Every other night I’ll be the BADDEST EVILLEST UNDEAD PRINCESS EVER!

As the hero and Blizzy watch Sepulchure, Gravelyn, Chuckles, and their minions celebrate, that's when the Spirit of Frostval appears.

  • Hero: *gasp* Spirit of Frostval! You’re HERE!
  • Blizzy: I knew you’d come! I knew it! The Flame is HERE!
  • Spirit of Frostval: Indeed it is, little Blizzy. There is no purer Flame than that kindled by a child who has just learned the joy of Frostval.

The Frostval Spirit collects the Flame of Frostval from Gravelyn.

  • Hero: Look how young she once was... But she is so hard now. So fully her father's daughter.
  • Spirit of Frostval: It is so sad how quickly the flame of joy dims inside this one in the coming years. Perhaps you can correct that, (character name)?
  • Hero: Princess Gravelyn is going to walk a long, dark road. I will help her where I can, and when. But this Flame? Where is it? How do I use it? I don’t even know what’s wrong, not really. Blizzy didn’t take the time to explain. The little guy was so worried, we hurried here before he could answer.
  • Spirit of Frostval: Your friends are in grave danger, and so is Frostval. This close to a Flame, I can appear. But once you go back to the present...

Scene shifts to the infected Valencia, Robina, Aria, and Yulgar fighting, then back to the hero, Blizzy, and the Spirit of Frostval.

  • Spirit of Frostval: I am afraid that the magical ice venom poisoning your friends is growing rapidly worse. It is slowly going to freeze their hearts, minds... and souls. They will grow cold – dead – inside... As bitterly coldhearted as the Mage that enchants them... While their bodies freeze into living corpses on the outside. A monstrous life encased in enchanted ice.
  • Hero: Blizzy, you didn’t tell me they were like THAT! That is NOT just a... lack of Frostval Spirit!
  • Spirit of Frostval: I will not be able to assist you there, then.
  • Blizzy: And if we can’t melt them, Frostval will NEVER come again!
  • Hero: Who is doing this? Whatever it takes, I will stop them! I will not let some freezerburned, frostbitten ... ICEBRAINED Mage destroy my friends!

The hero borrows the Flame of Frostval from the Frostval Spirit.

  • Hero: I’ve dealt with corrupt, insane Mages before. Neither snow nor ice nor zombie nor venomed veins will stay me from the swift annihilation of –
  • Blizzy: OH OH OH! (character name), before you finish your vow... I bet I know where he IS!
  • Spirit of Frostval: Go there, and quickly. For your friends’ sake, and mine... and your own. A world that does not know the joy, the magic of Frostval... it’s spirit will not take long to die.
  • Blizzy: That nasty Mage is on thin Ice now that the Hero’s all fired up! Blizzy gives you a hug to keep you safe! Blizzy knows (character name) will win!

Blizzy leaps forward to hug the Frostval Spirit as the cutscene ends.

Ice Venom in Your Veins

Back in the present day, the infected Renn is attacking a Frostvale Moglin. Suddenly, he transforms, and the Frostvale Moglin uncovers his eyes afterwards. The Moglin freaks out as he sees that Renn has transformed into an Ice Symbiote monster. Scene shifts to the inside of the Ice Volcano, where we see for the first time the villain responsible for this madness: a humanoid monster made entirely of ice, who goes only by the name of Dead Morice.

  • Dead Morice: Interesssting thing, aren’t you? I have long known you moglins possess magic. But to be able to resist my ice venom? Not very... n-ice. Hah!
  • Frosty: Hee... hehe?
  • Dead Morice: Do not worry. I despise humor. ESPECIALLY ice humor. Laughter... cheer! BAH! Makes you WEAK!
  • Frosty: O-Oh...
  • Dead Morice: But you, hmmm. You all DID resist my venom. But... why? How to render Lore as bitterly cold as I am... if Frostvale moglins are immune? If internal freezing is unsuccessful... perhaps a more direct, external application will –

Dead Morice uses his magic to freeze Frosty over.

  • Dead Morice: – Work! Ah... excellent. Frozen solid. Perfect. One less simpering, singing, Frostval cheer-spouting creature in Lore. One less... present-giver! One fewer promise-maker, showing a child so much, then RIPPING it away when he holds out his frost-bitten, hopeful hands! And with all the humans fallen prey to my icy venom, the moglins of Frostvale are all the resistance left before a GLORIOUS Lore full of frost and fear, bitter snow and frigid souls –

Several Ice Symbiotes arrive at Dead Morice's lair.

  • Dead Morice: My chilly children, come! Your timing is impeccable. Forget the lives you knew – not that you CAN think, with those freezerburned brains of yours – Many of you will leave the Northlands. I have orders for you to spread to your corpsicle comrades throughout Lore. But a few of you – the coldest, hardest warriors – YOU I have chosen to bring to me the moglins of Frostvale! They must be dealt with... personally. You will bring them to me. Now go.

Scene shifts over to Frostvale, where the hero and Blizzy have arrived to find a crying Chilly.

  • Hero: Hey, there, Chilly! Where is everyone?

Chilly runs over to his father, who comforts him with a hug.

  • Chilly: DAAAAAAAAAAADDY! Th- the ICE ZOMBIES came an’ an’ everyone ran away but I falled and hitted my head an’ when I woke... they were all GONE!
  • Hero: The question is – did they FLEE? Or were they... TAKEN?
  • Chilly: I – I don’t know, (character name). I’m sorry. I hitted my head an’ it HURT! But... if they had run away an’ were free... they would have come back to see if I was alright! *sniffle*
  • Hero: Do not worry, Chilly. We WILL get them back! Which way did you see the zombies come from?
  • Chilly: Th-That way! But don’t LEAVE me here! I want to HELP! They felt so COLD inside, so dead! But in some... I thought… I could sense a spark of heat – an’ happiness. Maybe... maybe they’re still IN there! TRAPPED!
  • Hero: We will sear the venom from their veins, Chilly. We’ll bring the warmth and magic back to Frostval – and to Lore’s people! And when I meet this Dead Morice, things are going to get a little... HOT in that ice volcano of his! I’m going to melt his cold, cold heart!

Scene fades out... and then back in.

  • Hero: ... And all the rest of him!

Cold-Hearted Cruelty

  • Hero: So, YOU are the cold-hearted icecube-sucker who did this. I should have known you wouldn’t look very... n-ICE! *snicker* Sorry, couldn’t help myself. Something about the chilly atmosphere of this place... It just BEGS for lighthearted laughter.
  • Dead Morice: Hsssss. You WOULD mock me. Laugh at me. Bring your disgusting holiday CHEER into my home. You think everyone wants to share in your WARMTH. Your LOVE. Your... JOY! Do you not realize heat burns, love turns to hate, and joy... childhood joy can so quickly turn to agony!

Dead Morice hurls an ice sphere at the hero, but the hero dodges.

  • Hero: Do that again and I’ll melt your frostbitten face like an icicle in Spring!
  • Dead Morice: I should have guessed. YOU wouldn’t succumb to the venom. Not with what I feel inside you. Strength... determination, defiance... and something else? No matter. No time to understand. I CAN’T have you... bringing back... my PAIN!

The hero and Dead Morice prepare to do battle.

Song of the Frozen Heart

After the battle, the hero uses the Flame of Frostval to finish off Dead Morice once and for all. After Dead Morice has melted, he/she then uses it to turn the Ice Symbiotes back into their former selves as the Frost Moglins cheer. The on-screen Ice Symbiotes turn back into Aria and Valencia, the hero kneels to help Yulgar, and a Moglin cheers as Robina has returned to her old self. Scene shifts over to Frostvale, where we see the hero, the Frost Moglins, Aria, Yulgar, Valencia, Robina, Cassim (who was cleansed of the ice venom as well), and Renn (who was also cleansed of the ice venom) together. The Spirit of Frostval reappears.

  • Spirit of Frostval: (character name), I have never felt the outpouring of warmth and love in Lore as I do this day! You have saved not only Frostval, but the people of Lore! I have no doubt that while they will feel the effects of the ice venom for a time, their hearts are warm, and the pain will soon cease.
  • Chilly: Spirit! My head doesn’t hurt anymore, either!
  • Spirit of Frostval: Haha! See, (character name)! Already the icy terror of Dead Morice’s attack is diminishing. All will be able to know the joy of Frostval, and it’s thanks to you!

Scene shifts to Gravelyn examining her picture of her childhood days when she celebrated Frostval with her father and their minions.

  • Gravelyn: Father... My heart is now as cold as yours was then, but that night I knew the joy of Frostval. I may not have the luxury of warmth, of friends... of Frostval any longer. But I will never forget what you allowed me to learn that night. Thank you, Father, and... I miss you. I will do as you taught, always, and I WILL fulfill your destiny. And mine! No matter what it takes!

Scene shifts back to Frostvale, where everyone is celebrating.

  • Blizzy: (character name)? Do you wonder what Empress Gravelyn is doing tonight? Every year I send her an invitation to celebrate with us, but she never responds.
  • Hero: I’m sure she’s celebrating in her own way, with her Undead. And who knows? Maybe one day we’ll all be able to celebrate together! But for now, look! There’s Chilly with a gift for you!

Chilly runs over with a gift in hand and hugs his father.

  • Chilly: Merry Frostval, Daddy! And to you, (character name)!
  • Hero: Merry Frostval to you, and to everyone!

Merry Frostval to all!

End of All Things Event (Frostval 2012)

The World Ender

Cutscene opens as Elim and his foe, a massive giant with a pair of warhammers named Kezeroth the World Ender, are face to face, within an ancient temple found in Snowy Vale.

  • Elim: So, Kezeroth, it comes down to you and me.
  • Kezeroth: No, Elim, It just comes down to me.
  • Elim: We'll see about that.

Elim leaps forward, preparing to bring his sword down on Kezeroth. Kezeroth grabs him and then hurls him against the wall, critically injuring him.

  • Kezeroth: Elim, do you know how often the stars align themselves like this? It only happens once every 26,000 years. The last time this happened heroes like you were trying to save the world with wooden clubs.

Kezeroth stands up as the obelisk behind him flashes.

  • Kezeroth: I have waited my whole life for this night.

Scene shifts to outer space, where we see the Beast Quetzal's comet passing by.

  • Soon, a beam of energy will fire out of this temple. It will strike Quetzal's comet and pull it down onto Lore.

Scene shifts to Quetzal's eye as it opens.

  • When the comet strikes this planet, The Beast Quetzal will be freed from its prison.

Scene shifts back to Elim and Kezeroth.

  • Kezeroth: With the beast's power, I will bring on a new ice age and swallow this world.

Elim barely and weakly manages to stand back up.

  • Elim: As long as Lore has heroes, they will always rise to defend it.
  • Kezeroth: Very true... ...And, like you, they will always fall.

Elim throws his sword past Kezeroth.

  • Kezeroth: Your aim is a little off.
  • Elim: No, yours is.

Scene shifts over to the obelisk, which has just been knocked over by Elim's sword, just as the beam of energy is about to fire out of the temple, but not towards Quetzal's comet like Kezeroth expected.

  • Kezeroth: NO!

The beam of energy fires out of the temple, directly away from Quetzal's comet. Quetzal's eyes close again. Scene shifts back to Elim and Kezeroth.

  • Kezeroth: You... insignificant WORM!

Kezeroth grabs Elim.

  • Kezeroth: My whole life is WASTED!

Kezeroth slams Elim into the ground and then starts to beat Elim to death in a murderous fit of rage.


After Kezeroth takes the time to calm himself down following his beating of Elim to death once he is sure that Elim is dead, a Chronocorruptor appears.

  • Chronocorruptor: Kezeroth the World Ender.
  • Kezeroth: Leave this place, hero. Elim finished your job for you.
  • Chronocorruptor: I am no hero, Kezeroth. I am an agent of Chaos come to deliver good news.
  • Kezeroth: I said leave before I...
  • Chronocorruptor: I am a Chronocorruptor, with power to travel and control time. If you wish, we can lock you in time for thousands of years until the next celestial alignment. We can give you another chance to complete your great work.
  • Kezeroth: ...
  • Chronocorruptor: When we awaken you, you will again have a chance to unleash The Beast Quetzal on Lore.
  • Kezeroth: Do it.
  • Chronocorruptor: So eager. Don't you wish to know why we would do this?
  • Kezeroth: I don't care. If you can do as you say then do it.
  • Chronocorruptor: Very well.

The Chronocorruptor freezes Kezeroth over. Scene shifts over to Athon, the Chronomancer.

  • Athon: I'm sorry, Elim. This was not supposed to be your destiny. Now, (character name) is Lore's only hope.

Athon disappears.

26,000 years later...

Scene shifts to the hero and Blizzy in Frostvale, in the present day.

  • Hero: It's almost time.
  • Blizzy: I KNOW! I'm so excited! Frostval is almost here.
  • Hero: No, I mean it's almost time for something to go wrong.
  • Blizzy: What do you mean?
  • Hero: It happens EVERY year! Just when everything is looking bright and cheery... … Some old villain crawls out of the woodwork and tries to ruin Frostval for everyone. It's like clockwork... and I can feel it. It's allllmost time...

Athon appears behind the hero.

  • Athon: (character name)! Your world is DOOMED!

The hero facepalms.

Kezeroth Freed

The hero and Athon have arrived at the Snowy Vale temple, witnessing the Chronocorruptor freeing Kezeroth from the ice he was encased in.

  • Chronocorruptor: The time has come.
  • Kezeroth: What foolishness is this? No time has passed.
  • Athon: We're too late.
  • Hero: Pretty funny, coming from a time traveler. Come on, we have the element of surprise!
  • Athon: No, WAIT! (character name)...
  • Chronocorruptor: Check your star charts, World Ender.
  • Kezeroth: 26,000 years has truly passed.
  • Chronocorruptor: I have taken the liberty of repairing the temple for you. All you need to do is activate it.
  • Kezeroth: I have been given a second chance to finish my work. The world ends tonight!
  • Hero: That's all that I needed to hear! Kezeroth, I've faced a thousand villains just like you. You're all talk and no...

Before the hero can finish what he/she has to say, Kezeroth hammers him/her into the same wall he threw Elim against 26,000 years ago. He then uses his hammers to create a field of ice, trapping the hero.

  • Hero: ...action.
  • Kezeroth: I see that not much has changed during my slumber. Mighty “heroes” still play at being powerful. Who is this?
  • Chronocorruptor: If I'm not mistaken, this is (character name). The mightiest hero of this age who is destined to...
  • Kezeroth: This hero has a new destiny now.

The Chronocorruptor nods in a positive fashion. Kezeroth places his hand on the obelisk to make sure that it is pointed in the correct direction, then watches another beam of energy fire out of it. This time, the beam successfully hits Quetzal's comet and begins to pull it down towards Lore. Quetzal's eyes open once again. Scene shifts back to Kezeroth in the temple.

  • Kezeroth: When the comet lands on THIS SPOT and The Beast Quetzal's mighty form is freed, you will be crushed into nothingness. Your grave will only be marked by the comet's crater. You should be honored. The end of all things begins here, with your doom.
  • Hero: But... why? You don't even know this world anymore. It's almost Frostval! A time to of giving celebrate joy and the warmth of friendship. It's a time of hope!
  • Kezeroth: Little hero, Hope is a lie. Joy is the mask that all life wears to hide from the truth.
  • Hero: What truth is that?
  • Kezeroth: That EVERYTHING ends. The universe's true nature is decay and rot. The universe's ultimate form after all is played out is cold, empty nothingness. I am an agent of that ultimate nothingness, and The Beast Quetzal is the tool I will use to speed all life on Lore to it's end. Your world dies, not in flames, but in ice.
  • Hero: I know an insane pyromancer who will be sad to hear that.
  • Kezeroth: Goodbye, Chronocorruptor. I thank you for my second chance.

The Chronocorruptor nods again as if to say "You're welcome," and then disappears, knowing that his promise to Kezeroth has been fulfilled.

  • Kezeroth: Goodbye to you as well, (character name).

Kezeroth leaves as the scene fades to black.

  • Athon: He's gone... let me get you out of there!

Scene fades back in, showing the hero with Athon.

  • Athon: I did try to warn you.
  • Hero: We have to stop him.
  • Athon: It's too late for that, (character name). The comet is on its way. But there might be a way to fight The Beast once it arrives.
  • Hero: OK, what is it?
  • Athon: There is a dungeon beneath this temple known as FrostDeep. At the bottom is a weapon made from The Beast's own scales called the Sword of Hope! If you can find it, you might have a chance.
  • Hero: Under this temple? But the comet will land here any minute!
  • Athon: Exactly, that's why Kezeroth chose this temple as the landing site. Once the comet lands, FrostDeep Dungeon will be gone... ...and any chance of obtaining the Sword of Hope is lost.
  • Hero: Then we need to move fast...

The Beast Quetzal

After having made their way through FrostDeep Dungeon and defeated the Ancient Terror, the hero and Athon are finally able to find and claim the Sword of Hope.

  • Hero: Got it!
  • Athon: I can teleport us out, but where do we go?
  • Hero: ...

Scene shifts over to Frostvale, where the Frost Moglins are busy. The hero and Athon appear, having teleported out of FrostDeep Dungeon.

  • Blizzy: (character name)? Where did you...
  • Athon: THE COMET!

A Frostvale Moglin watches in shock as Quetzal's comet comes crashing down onto the Frozen Northlands. Kezeroth eagerly raises his hands in the air as Quetzal rises from the crater made by its comet. Scene shifts back to the hero, Blizzy, and Athon.

  • Blizzy: What was THAT?!
  • Athon: That was the end of the world.
  • Hero: Not yet it's not. Kezeroth the World Ender should have stayed asleep. As long as me and the other heroes of Lore are standing, there is hope for the world. I'm going to show Kezeroth just how powerful hope really is!

To be continued...

The Plan

  • Athon: So, this is how the world ends.
  • Hero: Chronomancers can travel through time and see the future. Didn't you know how the world ended?
  • Athon: I've told you, things are different now. Elim was supposed to defeat Kezeroth 26,000 years ago. The Chronocorruptors changed that. Now that I'm interacting directly with this new time line... I can't see the outcomes.
  • Hero: Then this isn't how the world ends.
  • Athon: What do you mean?
  • Hero: If Elim defeated Kezeroth in the other time line, then he CAN be defeated. We're going to take down The Beast Questzal then we'll defeat Kezeroth.
  • Athon: How do you know?
  • Hero: I don't... but I have hope.
  • Hope. I like your confidence but The World Ender was right. There was no hope.

Scene shifts over to Quetzal attacking a village.

  • The Beast Quetzal was free on Lore.

Quetzal attacks and destroys the village with its cold breath.

  • It was as long as a mountain range and it could destroy whole towns with one breath.

A group of people are shown fleeing Quetzal as it uses its breath to freeze them.

  • The world had burst into panic as it froze to death. Families, fleeing The Beast, were being torn apart.

Scene shifts over to Kezeroth watching Quetzal.

  • Kezeroth the World Ender only stood by and watched the beast he had unleashed. He was getting his wish.

Scene shifts to when the Sword of Hope was still in FrostDeep Dungeon.

  • Our only chance for survival was the Sword of Hope. A weapon of legendary power that was the only thing that could destroy The Beast Quetzal...

Scene shifts to the inside of a house in Frostvale. The hero, Athon, Blizzy, Robina, Artix, Twilly, Zhoom, and Warlic are all there, with the Sword of Hope stabbed onto the middle of the table while they are making plans and strategies.

  • Hero: … But the Sword of Hope can't work unless The Beast Quetzal is severely weakened. That's where you all come in. We make our stand here in Frostvale. Artix will head the ballista unit, firing flaming bolts as fast as his team can load them. Zhoom and Robina will lead the archery unit, loosing a constant stream of flaming arrows. Warlic will head up the magi, casting huge fireballs at Quetzal. If we manage to bring it down, I'll use the Sword of Hope and destroy this thing.
  • Zhoom: Where will you be?
  • Hero: The other heroes and I will make sure that the three teams never run out of supplies.

Artix goes to pat the hero on the back.

  • Artix: This is an excellent plan, my friend. When do we begin?
  • Hero: Now.

The Beast Falls

After having taken a lot of damage from the ballistas, the archers, and the magi, Quetzal's body starts to become unstable.

  • Artix: That did it! The Beast Quetzal is about to fall!

Everyone clears out as Quetzal falls to the grounds of the battlefield, unconscious. After Quetzal has fallen, the hero prepares himself/herself, with the Sword of Hope in hand.

  • Athon: Hurry! Quetzal is weakened but it will regain its strength quickly. Strike it down with the Sword of Hope now!!! You won't get a second chance!

The hero rushes over the Quetzal and prepares to use the Sword of Hope to finish it off.

  • Hero: It's over.

Suddenly, Kezeroth appears and interrupts the hero. The hero runs over to attack Kezeroth, who grabs the Sword of Hope by the blade. He then kicks the hero off, and the hero lands flat on his/her back in front of Athon.

  • Kezeroth: The Beast Quetzal... A creature with the power to destroy a world. Ages and ages passed while you slept in your frozen prison among the stars. But finally I managed to bring you down and unleash you again... ...and you're brought down by a handful of pitiful “heroes”. YOU USELESS ANIMAL!!!

Kezeroth stabs the Sword of Hope right down onto Quetzal's head, destroying it. Quetzal lays there again, now deceased from Kezeroth's finishing blow with the Sword of Hope.

  • Athon: He.... he destroyed Quetzal himself!
  • Kezeroth: You see, (character name)? Even a creature as powerful as The Beast Quetzal will meet its end, eventually. This world you protect WILL fall. I'm going to tear it down with my own two hands.

Kezeroth breaks the Sword of Hope and then throws it back to the hero.

  • Kezeroth: I'm done with your toy.

Kezeroth begins to leave.

  • Kezeroth: Stay out of my way and maybe you'll live to see the end of your world.

Kezeroth leaves.

  • Hero: Hey, we're not finished!
  • Athon: No, (character name). If you attack The World Ender now, alone, it would be no contest. You will need to gather your friends to stop Kezeroth.
  • Hero: You believe I can stop him now?
  • Athon: I'm starting to.
  • Hero: What changed your mind?
  • Athon: You did. Your plan worked, and you did the impossible. You brought The Beast Quetzal down so... who knows?
  • Hero: Not much of a vote of confidence but I'll take what I can get. Come on, We're going to bring the fight to Kezeroth's front door.


Kezeroth is standing on the balcony of Ice Rise Keep. The hero and Athon enter.

  • Kezeroth: You were warned, (character name). You have come to meet an early death.
  • Hero: As long as one hero still stands against you, Lore has hope!
  • Kezeroth: Hope. Again. Hope is wasted energy, hero. You can hope all you like. It will never stop things from crumbling to dust. Everything ends.
  • Hero: Even you?
  • Kezeroth: In time, when my work is complete. Did you bring more than hope to fight me?
  • Hero: Yeah... ... I also brought some friends. They'll be here soon. I promised that I wouldn't beat you before they got here.
  • Kezeroth: I'm done wasting time.

Kezeroth brings his hammer down, but the hero leaps and flips out of the way. He/she then proceeds to cut off Kezeroth's horn. Kezeroth reels from the loss of part of his horn.

  • Kezeroth: Hmmm. This might be more interesting than I thought.

Kezeroth charges at the hero.

The Sacrifice

The fight against Kezeroth continues, as Kezeroth uses his hammers to launch several pieces of the pillars at the hero, who dodges all of them. He also tries to crush him/her with his hammers, which he/she dodges.

  • Hero: I've never faced anything like this. He's never going down!

The hero once again leaps out of the way as Kezeroth brings his hammers down again.

  • Athon: It's like he can't be stopped., stopped.
  • Hero: What is it, Athon?
  • Athon: Defeating him may be impossible but we can still STOP him!
  • Hero: You mean... freeze him in time like the Chronocorruptors did? Can you do that by yourself?

Athon begins charging up some magical energy.

  • Athon: It will take ALL of my power but... yeah, I think so.
  • Hero: You can do it, Athon! I'll try and...
  • Athon: NO! LOOK OUT!!!

Athon pushes the hero out of the way as Kezeroth brings his hammers down again. Kezeroth smacks Athon with his hammers, sending him flying and smashing through several pillars.

  • Hero: ATHON!!!!

The hero rushes over to the unconscious Athon.

  • Hero: You've got to pull yourself up!
  • Athon: *cough* I don't think... I can. That hammer... I can't even breathe...
  • Kezeroth: So now you've learned a valuable lesson about hope. It's a shame that you won't live to benefit from it.

Athon immediately stands back up and resumes charging some magical energy.

  • Hero: No! ATHON, NO!

Athon blasts Kezeroth with all his might, freezing him over for the second time, for another 26,000 years. As the hero takes some breaths, he/she looks on to see Athon lying on the ground, dead. The hero lowers his/her head in sorrow.

Later that night...

Scene shifts over to Blizzy, Artix, and Robina in Frostvale.

  • Blizzy: ...So Kezeroth is really defeated? Frozen in time for another 26,000 years?
  • Artix: Or longer. Athon used up all of his power in that one time blast.
  • Blizzy: Athon and (character name) saved Frostval... saved the whole world, really.
  • Artix: Where is (character name)?
  • Blizzy: Up on the hill. He is taking the loss pretty hard.

Scene shifts over to the hero on a hill, with the broken Sword of Hope in hand, overlooking the very area where The Beast Quetzal was slain by its own summoner, Kezeroth.

  • Frostval Spirit: Happy Frostval, (character name).
  • Hero: Hm?

The Spirit of Frostval appears.

  • Hero: Oh. Hi, spirit.
  • Frostval Spirit: You and Athon saved the world again today. And just in time for Frostval. You should be celebrating.
  • Hero: I know that we defeated Kezeroth and saved Lore... ...but Athon gave his life to save mine. I don't feel a lot like celebrating.
  • Frostval Spirit: You never gave up, even when things looked impossible. You inspired him to have hope... ...and Hope gives people the courage and strength to accomplish the impossible. (character name), Athon did not give his life to save yours. He gave his life to save Lore from Kezeroth the World Ender. His loss was tragic but his sacrifice was noble. His life should be celebrated. Go and be with your friends.

The hero takes some time to think.

  • Hero: You're right. I'll be right there.

The hero starts carving into the stone next to him/her with the broken Sword of Hope. He/she then rejoins Artix and the Frost Moglins back in Frostvale to celebrate Frostval. Scene shifts back to the stone the hero was carving into with the Sword of Hope, which is now lying next to it, and it displays Athon's name on it.

Hope Never Dies

Happy Frostval!

Dage's Dark Winter (Frostval 2013)

Black Ice

Screen shows a mountain in the background.

~Mt. Bleakwind~

Screen pans over to a section of Mt. Bleakwind where Dage the Evil is being shown.

  • Dage the Evil: Ah, Winter! My favorite season. The time of year when the world is grey and everything withers and dies. The trees lose their leaves, all of the cute animals hibernate, everything’s covered in ice and-

A Moglin named Nippy climbs up and gifts a present to Dage. Dage grabs and holds Nippy.

  • Dage the Evil: Oh, yes – that's right! Winter is also the time of year that brings everyone together!
  • Nippy: !!!

Screen pans over to show Frostvale in the background.

  • Dage the Evil: A time for friendship and giving.

Screen pans back to Dage and Nippy.

  • Dage the Evil: Thank you, little moglin.

Dage throws Nippy into the horizon. He laughs.

  • Dage the Evil: You've shown me what I have to do to make this season truly magnificent!

Dage throws Nippy's present down the mountain. Screen pans over to Frostvale, where we meet our hero, Yorumi & Eienyuki, Blizzy, and several Frostvale villagers and moglins.

  • Hero: The Frostval celebration this year is really superb!
  • Yorumi: It is! The Frostval cookies are extra sweet, the Moglinberry Cider is extra fizzy...
  • Yuki: It is? Yum! You want to dip me in the punchbowl so I can try some?
  • Yorumi: Yuki! That isn't sanitary!
  • Yuki: What? I'm clean! I washed my face this morning!
  • Hero: Face?
  • Yorumi: ...Blade.
  • Blizzy: And Blizzy can't believe how calm it's been! Normally by now at least one horrible monster would be trying to kill us!
  • Hero, Yorumi, & Yuki: Blizzy!
  • Blizzy: What? Blizzy is just saying it's nice to have a safe, quiet holiday for once.

The ground shakes.

  • Hero: Blizzy, why would you say something like that?

The hero and Yorumi notice that it's starting to snow black sleet. One of the villagers picks up a black snowball, which melts in his hand.

  • Peasant: ?!

The adult peasants suddenly get an angry look in their eyes.

  • Angry Guy: Hey! Put that down!
  • Child: ?!
  • Angry Guy: I said put that down! It's mine!
  • Child: Waaaahhhhhhh!

The hero makes a horrified pose.

  • Villagers: That's your 4th cup! Stop drinking all the cider! ...eating all the cookies! MY fruitcake! Give it to me! Get away from the presents!

Several White Stalkers appear.

  • White Stalker #1: *Snarl*
  • White Stalker #2: *Snarl*
  • Peasant: AAH! I'm outta here!

The villagers leave in terror.

  • Yorumi: Hero, get the moglins to safety. We'll hold these fiends off.

The hero carries Blizzy out of Frostvale while Yorumi prepares to fight the White Stalkers. He/She runs towards Mt. Bleakwind with Blizzy in tow.

  • Blizzy: Look! What is that?

The hero runs towards Nippy and his present. As he/she and the moglins surround them, Nippy is lying in the snow, and his present is wrecked.

  • Hero: Oh, no. What happened to you?
  • Nippy: ...Dage... It was all Dage...
  • Hero: ...

Screen pans over to Dage in the caverns of Mt. Bleakwind, where he is shown to be gathering souls.

  • Dage the Evil: Yes... More! More battles, more slaying! It is almost time...

Screen pans back over to the hero and the moglins. Nippy dies. Seconds later, he revives as a zombified moglin.

Frostfang Rises

The good heroes are destroying evil monsters, as shown with an army of Platinum Knights attacking and destroying an Ice Golem. The Platinum Knights, a Royal Alchemist, and Yorumi & Eienyuki are meeting with one another to ensure that the evil monsters have been defeated. Meanwhile, Cleric Joy heals a Blighted Moglin, turning it back into a Frostvale Moglin. Frostvale has been repaired, as well.

  • Hero: There we go. Almost back to normal!
  • Yorumi: Yeah, you can hardly tell that the town was almost destroyed by gruesome monsters.
  • Blizzy: Hi everyone! Blizzy is so happy that you heroes have saved Frostval! Blizzy knows we're safe now! Nothing bad will-

The hero makes another horrified pose while Yorumi poses with Eienyuki. The hero covers Blizzy's mouth.

  • Blizzy: Mmmffnnn mmw!

Screen pans back to Dage the Evil in Mt. Bleakwind. Screen then pans back to the hero, Blizzy, and Yorumi.

  • Hero: Dangit! Every single time!

Dage laughs.

  • Dage the Evil: Is the fighting over? That's ok, you all deserve a break! Everyone has worked so hard to help my vision become reality! glorious, dark winter! It only took a week, and you've already helped me harvest all the souls I need- Actually, it looks like I'm one short...

Screen pans over to the Blighted Forest where a male Warrior is shown defeating a White Stalker. The White Stalker's soul rises and arrives at the cavern where Dage is.

  • Dage the Evil: -all the souls I need to awaken my new creation!

Screen pans over to the outside of Mt. Bleakwind, where Frostfang, the Eternal Ice Dragon, awakens. Frostfang flies into the sky as he freezes several Platinum Knights, followed by several Shadow Weavers. The hero, Yorumi, Blizzy, and the villagers look on at Frostfang in the distance. One of the villagers flees in terror.

Frostfang's Defeat

The hero, having defeated Frostfang, stands on his head as he/she raises his/her arm in triumph.

  • Hero: Hah! You weren't so tough, were you?

Screen fades to black.

  • Hero: Aaaaaaaah!

Screen fades back in, showing the hero pointing to Frostfang's "dead" body.

  • Hero: STAY DEAD!

Screen pans over to Dage outside of Mt. Bleakwind's caverns.

Dage loses his temper and throws the Legion Minion into the distance in the same manner that he did with Nippy and his present earlier.

  • Dage: I hope (character name) enjoyed MY way of celebrating Frostval! He/She may have slain Frostfang but what is undead may never die... And Frostval will return again next year! Right, Nippy?

Nippy is shown gnawing on a bone. Screen pans over to show both of two locations; Frostvale, where the hero, Yorumi & Eienyuki, Blizzy, and the Frostvale villagers and moglins are celebrating Frostval in triumph with cups of Moglinberry Juice, and the caverns of Mt. Bleakwind, where Frostfang's corpse is resting.

Until next Frostval... Happy Holidays!

Frostfang's eyes open once again.

Frostval 2014

The Keep Stands

After hero defeats an Ice Drumlinster, he/she notices several bags of hot water. Cut to Moraine at Ice Rise Keep.

  • Moraine: Oooh. We are almost out of time! I can feel MY bones freezing!

The hero brings Moraine the bags of hot water from the Drumlins' hideaway.

  • Hero: The Drumlins say that this water will thaw ANYTHING! Something about magical properties twisting absolute zero. If we put pour it on the stones of the Keep, it should melt the ice and stop them from breaking further.
  • Moraine: We will do ANYTHING to save the Keep! The beasts are growing braver...

Suddenly, an Ice Wolf attacks one of the guards. With no time to waste, the hero and Moraine pour the hot water into the ground. The ground shakes.

  • Moraine: We are saved! The Keep’s foundation has settled, that must have been the shaking we felt. We should be safe for the rest of the winter!

As the hot water settles into Ice Rise Keep, the camera quickly shifts underground to where Kezeroth is frozen. Kezeroth roars from within his frozen prison.

Frostval 2015

The Haunting of Frostval

  • Hero: Hello? Maya, you here? I received your letter and-

A book falls on top of the hero's head.

  • Hero: OUCH!
  • Maya: Oops! Sorry (character name), sorting out some books up here! I’ll down there in a minute!
  • Hero: *mumbling* Hope you’re the only thing coming down this time...

Maya has come down from the ladder.

  • Maya: So, now that you’re here, I can show you what I’ve been working on.
  • Hero: A book….how...unusual of you to... work with books.
  • Maya: No need to be cheeky. This one is very special. I wrote all of your adventures in past Frostvales.
  • Hero: All of them? including...
  • Maya: Yup!
  • Hero: And that time...
  • Maya: Uhum.
  • Hero: Oh, and-
  • Maya: Nah, that one was too weird, even for you.
  • Hero: Oh, better then, I don’t want anybody to remember that day...
  • Maya: Anyway, I would like you to give it a look and tell me if you like it.
  • Hero: I’m pretty sure I’ll like it anyway, Maya, thank you very much.

Scene pans over to Twig holding a Necronomicon.

  • Twig: Twig has found new book! It looks cweepy, though...
  • Maya: Uuuuh... what book is this?
  • Twig: It says..... Nec...Necwonooo....Necwonomicon...
  • Hero: A WHAT!!? Twig, stay away from it!
  • Maya: Don’t worry (character name), I make sure all books that deal with dark magic are locked. Nothing can open it, it’s fireproof, magic-proof, even dragon-proof!

Twig opens the Necronomicon anyway.

  • Hero: Apparently, it’s not Twig-proof.

The scene suddenly turns shades of red, and Maya's Frostvale Storybook glows red.

  • Hero: Er... Maya... is this book supposed to do that?
  • Maya: I don't think so...

Scene shifts outside of Frostvale. A burst of darkness energy erupts from Frostvale as the sky turns red.

  • Maya: Uh-oh.....
  • Twig: That was fun, let’s do it again!