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This is the NPC type of Exos, for the monster, click here
Exos completely Chaorrupted.
Exos before being completely Chaorrupted.

Exos is a character in AdventureQuest Worlds.


The First Knight of Chaos


Exos is the twin brother of Captain Stratos, Lithos, and Tropos. In his youth, he had slashed Lithos in front of Stratos and Tropos and fled.

Some years later, Exos and the Dreamweaver have noted the failure of the previous Lords of Chaos and has made himself known to Drakath. Exos tells his recruits and fellow Sky Pirate Draconians his plans to infiltrate the Sky Guard to settle an old score before carrying out his plans and impressing Drakath enough to become the next Lord of Chaos. When a recruit asks Exos on how he is going to accomplish this plan, the Dreamweaver traps the recruit in a vision of nightmares until she lifts the spell. Exos then sends his recruits to infiltrate the induction ceremony.

When the Sky Pirates' attack on the Land of Nightmares and Dreams fails, Exos speaks with Drakath stating that Captain Stratos must perish. Exos tells Drakath that he has a grand plan that will take care of him and everyone that is on his side. Exos plans to dispose of Captain Stratos and assume his position in the Sky Guard where his Dreamweaver will ensure that nobody will know the difference.

The players tell King Alteon that a minion of Drakath are attacking all of Lore. When King Alteon asks where Captain Stratos is, Captain Stratos arrives and summons Jens to be his messenger for King Alteon. Captain Stratos takes command of the Sky Guard with the High Command out of commission. King Alteon approves of this and orders Captain Stratos to see that the other Sky Guard Captains know his wishes. Unbeknownst to the players and King Alteon, it is shown that Exos is in the disguise of Captain Stratos as he meets with Invidia who tells the Master that the players now know the location of the Sky Pirate's hideout. Exos states that he will have no problem with the heroes as he now has the Sky Pirates and the Sky Guard under his command.

After slaying the Chaorrupted Sky General during the infiltration of the Sky Pirate base, the players suddenly find Captain Stratos in the next room. Invidia attacks "Captain Stratos" and traps him in a nightmarish vision. Invidia reveals that the Captain Stratos before them is actually Captain Stratos' brother Exos. Invidia then sheds her disguise revealing to the players that she is actually the Dreamweaver who had been bound to do what Exos has ordered. When Exos lunges towards the players and the Dreamweaver, the Dreamweaver teleports herself and the players away. After the escape, Exos and the Sky Pirates are preparing for an attack on the Skyguard base. Captain Stratos learns from the players that Exos is behind the Sky Pirate attacks. The players tell Captain Stratos that they will take down Exos.

While Captain Stratos goes to find Exos, the players and Dreamweaver head to General Zephis.

As Captain Stratos goes out to find Exos, the players plan to catch up to Captain Stratos. General Dortmuller tells the players to stay and assist. While planning to overhaul the background security check, General Zephis states that the players have earn his respect. Meanwhile, the Dreamweaver states the player doesn't even know that she was there and that they will never recognize their "next visitor" and trust them completely. Exos appears and states that they are out to "kill the visitor completely."

At Exos' bunker, the players learn that Exos plans to collect some resources to power his Beast Merge-o-Matic. The players end up gathering resources from the slain Hootbears, Koalions, Subrysas, Rhisons, and Tainted Emus so that Exos can raise his own Chaos Beast. Exos combines the resources into a Chaos Beast Attempt. After the players defeated the Chaos Beast Attempt, Exos collapses as the players wake him by saying that Drakath has come to make him a Chaos Lord. Exos becomes paranoid and begs for the players to hide him. Exos ends up fleeing in terror as Dreamweaver reports Exos' failure to Drakath.

Important Text

At Bunker, before completing Exos' quests

BattleMage, Chaos Lord Aspirant

You! Took you long enough to deliver that message. Now! You need to do that thing I need you to do. If you don't, I can't be what I need to be, and then HE won't see what he needs to see! So, you see, I need you to be my right and left hands holding daggers of destiny. Go!


Once you have resourcefully recovered the rest of the necessary resources, you will give them to me. And ONLY me! In my Beast-Merge-o-Matic Shop, I will combine them. They will become ONE! And I... I will become - No! You know. Can't say it out loud yet.


After completing Exos' quests (Illusion of Exos)

Not really here

Don't touch! This isn't the REAL me... if anything is. The Dreamweaver constructed this apparition of me in case anything should ever... happen. Which it did. You know it did! And since it did, it must be YOUR fault! Get out!



  • His identity as the mastermind of the attacks on Skyguard wasn't revealed until the players infiltrated the Sky Guard base.
  • In the Stratos Nightmare cutscene played before entering the Dream Maze, Stratos' nightmare reveals that Exos was also responsible for Terra's murder, seeing as how he pushed her to her death in the ocean below and Stratos wasn't there to save her.
  • After The Hero killed him Drakath revived him and made him the first Chaos Knight.