Epic Gear Solid: Snack Eater

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Location info
Level Required:
Location: Battleon, Mobius
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: fixed
Monster List: Cyclops Raider
NPCs: Twilly
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: Pudding Snacks x2
Total Experience: 100
Total Gold: 100
Total Reputation: none
Equipment Won: Barbarian Steel Blade

It is a very rare drop so it may take a while to get it.

The title is a refrence to Metal Gear Solid.
hiyas! Did you hear that? It was Twilly's tummy growling. I know, I know... it sounds like a dragon choking on a sneevil, but Twilly is REALLY HUNGRY. I have to stay here with Cleric Joy to greet new heroes so do you think you could grab us a snack? The Cyclops Raider in the town of Mobius always carrying the bestest Pudding Snacks. Bring us 2 Pudding Snacks and ll reward you!