Death Notes

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The notes Death gives when you die:

Information on Classes:

  • Wisdom only increases evasion for melee classes.
  • Make sure yo(u- not in text typo)read your tooltips for each skill you unlock!
  • Strenght improves your damage of a critical strike for melee classes.
  • Intellect increases Magic Power and boosts magical damage on crit for caster classes.

Information on Enhancing:

  • Learn about Enhancing your weapons by clicking the ENHANCEMENT button in Battleon!
  • Keep you enhancements up to date!

Information on how to Play:

  • Gain experience, gold and rep by completing quests.
  • To Reply to a private message, just type /r and hit ENTER.
  • Spotted a game bug? Report it on the official AQW forums!
  • Give us your feedback on this weeks release on the forum, Twitter and Facebook!
  • Click "Respawn" to continue playing.
  • You can hide the chat panel by clicking on the arow on your interface.
  • You can use potions or food in battle if you equip it.
  • We were all noobs. Help out new players!
  • Remember to rest in between battles.
  • If some one is rude, you can IGNORE him by clicking on their character portrait.
  • Always read the AWQ Design Notes to find out what's coming next.

Information on where to go:

AC Related Information:

  • You can buy more space in your backpack from Valencia in Battleon
  • If you upgrade in AQW, you also become a member in HeroSmash.
  • Buying a stuff from HEROMART.COM will earn you special in-game items!
  • You can get more item storage from the BANK! Visit Valencia in Battleontown!
  • You can store items you got with Adventure Coins for FREE in the bank!
  • Member get access to special Member only areas, classes and items!

Information for Safety Precautions:

  • Do not share your account information with ANYONE, no matter what they promise you.
  • Never share your password or your account with anyone.
  • Staff will NEVER offer you free items, gold, AC's or membership over Twitter or Facebook.
  • Remember to link your AWQ account to your MASTER ACCOUNT for additional safety.
  • Game Moderators, Developers and Staff always have a gold name above their head.
  • Never give your password to ANYONE. AQW staff will never ask for it.


  • "A lot"is two words, not one.
  • Clown pants are not heroic.
  • MAyonnaise should never be heated. It might make you ill.
  • Go easy on the carbs unless you move a lot.
  • Try having breakfast before dinner. You can thank me later.
  • Don't stare at the sun.


  • The name given to "Death Notes" is a reference to (the name of) an anime called "Death Note".