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Death Alive


Death (map)

/join death


A deathly spirit.

Important text

Muhaha...Welcome weary Traveler. Do you like this nice secluded spot I found in the Woods? Quite a nice place to take some weight off your bones.I am working on a new diet book and the quiet here helps a lot...



  • Death is also a same character from AdventureQuest but he has different costume and scythe in AQWorlds.
  • Death can also be found in DragonFable in Zeusters quest's.
  • Since July 2011 you get to see the character Death when you die. He gives you Death Notes
  • He made a brief but important appearance in the event AQW Zombies where he is killed by Sepluchure to make everyone dead person in the world undead
  • In his living form his Armor Contrast with The Warrior Class with the warrior armor being shiny silver while Death's Armor is black and in his living form he has white hair and red eyes