Darkblood StormKing Class

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Darkblood StormKing Class
Class Name: Darkblood StormKing
Level Required: 1
Upgrade Required: No
Reputation Required: Rank 10 Thunderforge
Location: Thunderforge Rep - Madra
Buy: 100,000 Gold
Sell: 25,000 Gold
Skills: Storm Call, Skyfire, Thunderclap, Ball Lightning
Mana Regeneration Methods: Stormkings gain mana from all hits landed in combat, and especially on crits. The amount depends on damage relative to *their own* HP total.
Enhancement: Suggested enhancements for this class can be found here.

  • Generally a good class with a mana healing skill and a health healing skill and high damage and can hit up to 3 enemies, thus is ideal for farming.
  • Heals about 300 hp everytime with full lvl 50 non member wizard enhancements.
  • This is the only class so far whose healing skill allows your HP to overlap your current HP limit. eg, 2002 + 387 = 2389
The Darkblood have always lived beneath the constant roiling storm that covers Thunderforge. It's no surprise that they managed to magically harness the full fury and power of the storm.

Auto Attack
Attack Type: Physical
Description: A basic attack, taught to all adventurers
Rank Required: 1
Mana: 0
Cooldown: 2 seconds

Storm Call
Attack Type: Magical
Description: You bring the power of the storm to bear against your enemy. Using this skill on enemies with Shocked applied will heal you until Shocked fades. You will regain mana when you use this skill on enemies who have Thunderstruck applied to them.
Rank Required: 1
Mana: 20
Cooldown: 3 seconds

Attack Type: Magical
Description: You channel the power of pure lightning through your hands and strike up to 3 enemies at once. Applies Shocked to all enemies hit. Shocked lasts for 10 seconds, will replace Thunderstruck and reduces affected enemies damage output.
Rank Required: 2
Mana: 40
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Attack Type: Magical
Description: You devastate your enemies with mighty boom of thunder, hitting up to 3 enemies at once and has a chance to stun them. Applies Thunderstruck to all enemies hit. Thunderstruck lasts for 10 second and will replace Shocked.
Rank Required: 3
Mana: 40
Cooldown: 12 seconds

Raging Gale & Tempest
Attack Type: Passive ability
Description: Damage Output Increased by 10% Critical chance increased by 10%
Rank Required: 4
Mana: None
Cooldown: None
Those are passive abilities

Ball Lightning
Attack Type: Magical
Description: Fires a Ball Lightning, The rarest form of naturally occurring lightning, at your enemy. This attack has an increased chance to crit and will do additional damage to any enemy who has either Shocked or Thunderstruck applied.
Rank Required: 5
Mana: 90
Cooldown: 12 seconds
Does about 600 damage normally, about 1200 crit and with either Shocked or Thunderstruck on, does about 1000 normally and about 2000 crit on full lvl 50 wizard non member enhancements.

Cracking Sky
Attack Type: Passive ability
Description: Once in a great while, you tap into the pure fury of Thunderforge's perpetual storm and deal massive damage to your enemy.
Rank Required: 10
Mana: None
Cooldown: None
This is a passive ability. Randomly hit your target for HUGE numbers. Does not activate commonly.
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