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Once home to a king known for his chaotic reign, Crownsreach is now the current stronghold of Drakath and his new Chaos Militia. Here, the former Champion of Chaos himself is planning his return to power after the Queen of Monsters stripped him of his power and humiliated him in front of the entire world.
Location Info
Location: /join crownsreach
Exits To: Battleon
Quests and Monsters


NPCs and Shops



  • Two cutscenes trigger when entering certain screens in this area; one when you enter the whirlpool in Screen 9, and one when you enter the hidden doorway in Screen 12 that leads to Screen 13.
  • Clicking the rightmost treasure chest in Screen 12 reveals the aforementioned hidden doorway to Screen 13 beneath the table in the center.
  • Screen 16 provides a character page background.
  • Drakath keeps a diary in Screen 16. You can read it to learn how his father, Dethrix Drakath, was dethroned by Alden and his companions.
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