Cleric Casca'de

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Cleric Casca'de



A NPC standing outside of Shadowfall. She is the sister of Cleric Joy and Cleric Dawn

Important text

Before Helping: Impressive.You're one of the first to discover the crash site of the giant flying dragon fortress. I assume you have come in search of the Doom Knight's Daughter, Gravelyn.You will find her inside...the throne room.

After Helping: Thank you for your help... with that amount of gold who knows what we can do.Lady Gravelyn remains in the Throne Room..I'm sure she can't WAIT to give you your next assignment.<laughs evilly>



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  • She is one of the three cleric sisters named after dish soaps. Cleric Joy, Dawn, and Casca'de.
  • She now has shoulders of the DoomKnight Class .