Chunin Class

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Chunin Class
Class Name: Chunin Class
Level Required: 1
Upgrade Required: No
Reputation Required: No
  • 0 gold


  • Before 24 hours: 1,800 AC
  • After 24 hours: 500 AC
  • Auto Attack
  • Tsunami Strike
  • Paralyzing Wind
  • Spinning Dragon
  • Chi Blast
Mana Regeneration Methods:
  • Strike an enemy in combat (especially on critical hits).
  • Are struck by an enemy in combat.
Enhancement: Suggested enhancements for this class can be found here.

  • One month after the release this class will only become buyable from ACs.
  • On AQWs 5th birthday it will become completely rare.
  • Good for Farming
  • Mana management is key to mastering this class.
  • Is one of the few classes that is capable of soloing Bludrut Brawl Captain at full power.
  • Once spinning dragon is applied all enemy's affected deal 0 damage towards the player and any friendly targets.
Chunin Class.png
A chunin is a ninja field commander. Highly trained to attack from stealth but focusing on strength and power rather than agility and speed. A chunin can and often enjoys taking on multiple enemies at once.

Auto Attack
Attack Type: Physical
Description: Attacks continuously until either target or player is dead.
Rank Required: 1
Mana: N/A
Cooldown: 2 Seconds
Auto Attack.png

Tsunami Strike
Attack Type: Physical
Description: Hits up to two enemies, showing them greatly for 4 seconds.
Rank Required: 1
Mana: 15 10 Mana
Cooldown: 4 Seconds
this is a quick spammable skill that reduces haste which helps your survivability i should be used before or after Paralyzing Wind.

Paralyzing Wind
Attack Type: Physical
Description: Hits up to three enemies for moderate damage, reducing all of their chances to hit greatly for 6 seconds.
Rank Required: 2
Mana: 20 Mana
Cooldown: 6 Seconds
This skills is essential if you want to stay alive as it reduces their chance to hit you and does high damage.

Spinning Dragon
Attack Type: Physical
Description: Hits up to two enemies near you dealing moderate damage. This attack also has a 50% chance to reduce their next hit to 0 Damage.
Rank Required: 3
Mana: 40 30 Mana
Cooldown: 6 Seconds
This skills is a great cover from damage since it reduces all damage taken to 0 and and short cool down.
Spinning Dragon.png

Chi Blast
Attack Type: Physical
Description: You focus your chi into a quick and brutal attack, hitting up to three monsters around you for high damage with a small chance to stun them. Using all of your chi in a single attack also leaves you stunned and open to attack for 4 seconds.
Rank Required: 5
Mana: 45 40 Mana
Cooldown: 25 Seconds
This skill should only be used to if you in a tight spot as it does not miss but cannot crit and stunning your for four seconds and has a low chance of stunning the enemy.

Shadow Strength
Attack Type: Passive
Description: Increase Haste by 5% AND damage output by 20%
Rank Required: 5
Mana: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Passive Skill.png

Ninja's Gambit
Attack Type: Passive
Description: Increases damage taken by 10%
Rank Required: 5
Mana: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
Passive Skill.png

Ancestor's Favor
Attack Type: Passive
Description: Rarely, the spirits of your ancestors flow into you increasing your haste, dodge, mana regen and health regen greatly for a short time.
Rank Required: 10
Mana: N/A
Cooldown: N/A
This skill provides you with extra cover from damage by increasing your base stats and provides you with a Heal over Time. Note the power of the healing if affected from your weapon range.
Passive Skill.png
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