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The Eye of Chaos

Chaos is a powerful and unpredictable energy that can Chaorrupt (short for "chaos corrupt") objects and beings into Chaos versions of themselves. It is a recurring theme of AQ Worlds and is controlled by Drakath and his 13 Lords of Chaos. The Lords of Chaos try to summon the Chaos Beasts (Based on beasts from mythology, such as the Hydra, from Greek Mythology, the Roc from Arabian Mythology, the Gashadokuro from Japanese Mythology, the Golem from Jewish Mythology, the Sphinx from Egyptian Mythology, Medusa from Greek Mythology, the Kraken from Norse Mythology, the Manticore from Persian Mythology and the Dragon from Slavic Mythology , with the only exceptions being Dracowerepyre and Pony Gary Yellow).

As always, the opposite of Chaos is, in fact, Order, especially as shown in the Mirror Realm involving Mirror Drakath and his friends, the Lords of Order.

Also, as revealed by the Void Larva NPC in the Void, as well as the Great Void Dragon itself, the closest magic related to Chaos magic is Void magic - which is exactly why the Void Dragon entrusted the Lords of Chaos with four different colored Void Spheres needed to unlock the door to its lair.

As revealed on the Chaos Shaper class description, as well as the Supreme Commander armor descritpion in HeroSmash, Chaos is actually neither good nor evil; it is a neutral commanding force that can be harnessed by heroes and villains and neutral characters alike.

Chaos Champion/Chaos Avatar

  1. Champion/Avatar of Chaos Drakath

13 Lords of Chaos

  1. Chaos BattleMage Escherion
  2. Chaos Twins Xing and Xang/Chaos Lady Xiang (& Ultra Xiang)
  3. Chaos Dragonlord Vath
  4. Chaos Shogun Kitsune
  5. Chaos Werepyre Wolfwing
  6. Chaos Musician Kimberly
  7. Chaos Mage Ledgermayne
  8. Chaos Djinn Tibicenas
  9. Chaos Prophet Krellenos/Chaos Prophetess Khasaanda
  10. Chaos Professor Iadoa (& Ultra Iadoa)
  11. Chaos Archlord Maximillian Lionfang (& Ultra Lionfang)
  12. Chaos King Alteon (& Ultra Alteon)
  13. Chaos Lord Hero

Extra Chaos Lords

  1. Chaos Queen Beleen

Chaos Beasts

  1. Lake Hydra
  2. Chaos Harpy (& Ultra Chaos Harpy)
  3. Rock Roc
  4. O-Dokuro (& O-Dokuro's Head)
  5. Dracowerepyre
  6. Pony Gary Yellow
  7. Mana Golem
  8. Chaos Sphinx
  9. Naga Baas
  10. Kathool (& Ultra Kathool)
  11. Chaos Manticore (& Ultra Manticore)
  12. Chaos Dragon (& Ultra Chaos Dragon)
  13. The Eternal Dragon of Time

Proto-Chaos Beasts

  1. Carnax (& Ultra-Carnax)
  2. Fluffy the Dracolich
  3. Dragonoid

Chaos Knights

  1. Chaos Knight Exos
  2. Chaos Knight Vormund
  3. Chaos Mana Walker Knight

Chaos NPCs

  1. Nythera
  2. Discordia
  3. Junior
  4. Mr. Socks
  5. Zahart
  6. Dreamweaver (defected to the players' side)
  7. General Cynari (Controlled by the Twins)
  8. General Tibias (Controlled by the Twins)
  9. Desoloth/Desolich
  10. Pettivox
  11. Sally
  12. Vordred
  13. Chaorrupted Poultrygeist (NPC)
  14. Golem Lucretia
  15. Golem Drakonnan
  16. Golem Vultragon
  17. Old Primarch
  18. Artix (temporarily)
  19. Cysero (temporarily)
  20. Beleen (temporarily)
  21. Alina (temporarily)
  22. Chaos Cleric
  23. Chaos Paragon
  24. Vandal Adams
  25. Chaorrupted Time-Travel Fairy
  26. Jir'abin
  27. Valarth
  28. Shadic Shasaya
  29. Khaollater
  30. Cemaros
  31. Gesar
  32. Iaste
  33. Loremaster Anka
  34. Loremoglin Nealos

Who or what got corrupted by Chaos

Chaorrupted items








House Items

Misc. Items

Chaorrupted areas

Chaos item shops

Undead Invasion:

Blinding Snow:

Book of Lore:


Chaos War:

Chaos Lab:

Mount DoomSkull:


Game Menu:

Player's House:

Northpointe City:


Talk Like a Pirate Day 2017:

Artist Alley:

Laguna Beach & Captain Laguna:

Chaos Librarium:

Forest Reach & Back Room:

Deep Forest:

Down Below:

Talk Like a Pirate Day 2021:

Champion Drakath (Location):

Queen's Battle:

Quibble's House Items (13th Birthday):

Tentacled Doll Familiar (0 AC):

Chaos Mini-Games

Chaorrupted creatures

Chaorrupted NPCs

  • Nythera (Chaorrupted after breaking a Chaos Gemerald)
  • The First Knight of Chaos, Exos (made a deal with Drakath about his desire to become a Chaos Lord; however, instead of becoming a Chaos Lord, he became Chaos Knight after being killed by The Hero and revived by Drakath)
    • Dreamweaver (controlled by Exos, defected to the players' side)
  • Pettivox (made a deal with Drakath and planned to Chaorrupt the magic and ley lines of Lore)
  • Sally (Was given Chaos magic by Drakath)

Possible Chaorrupted people/monsters

Non-Chaorrupted Allies of Chaos

These characters were not actually Chaorrupted by Chaos, but they allied themselves with it, sometimes with the promise of being rewarded Chaos powers if they could succeed with their jobs.

  • Neko Mata (was secretly working for Kitsune)
  • Edvard (was promised Chaos powers by Wolfwing if he finished off the players, murdered Safiria, placed the blame for her death on the Lycans, and threw both species of Darkovia in an even deadlier war than the one they were in at the time)
  • King Alteon the Imbalanced (his plans involve Chaos, and in his second appearance, he says the Celestial Dragon Egg was a gift from Drakath - not the armor-clad half-wit as he called him from the Mirror Realm, the one from the main universe)
  • Zahart (controlled Tibicenas until the ring was destroyed)
  • Kezeroth (allowed the ChronoCorruptors to freeze him in time for another 26,000 years so he could get a second chance to unleash Quetzal upon Lore)
  • Vampire Hunter C
  • Nulgath (his plans also involve Chaos, and he planned to combine the Chaotic forces from Oversoul with the Chaos he found on Lore; his plan was accidentally interrupted by Beleen, who became Chaos Queen Beleen and bewitched him, turning him into a chibi-fied version of himself)
  • Ælfred (supports those who choose to battle through Rivensylth's domain costumed as a chaotic owl, and his quests give Chaos reputation)
  • Dr. Havelock (resides in Crownsreach, and his quests give Chaos reputation)
  • Skoa Bal (resides in Crownsreach, and her quests give Chaos reputation)
  • SpiderWing (follows the Twins/Xiang and is labeled as Chaoskind)
  • Netherpit Bruiser (follows the Twins/Xiang and is labeled as Chaoskind)
  • Pirate Queen Teja (aids the heroes, Drakath, and Xang during their Laguna Beach raid and fight against Captain Laguna)


  • Chaorruption gives the infected demonic features like demonic wings and horns
  • The Chaorrution can also give the infected eyes on other location of the body and can give the infected glowing eyes as well as tentacles on other parts of the body
  • The Eye of Chaos looks similar to The Eye of Sauron from The Lord of The Rings or Don Thousand's eye from Yu-Gi-Oh Zexal, who is also aligned with chaos.
  • Chaos gives some armors weapon features like Blades for ChronoCorruptor, Claws on Chaotic DragonKnight and Tentacle for Maximillian Lionfang.
  • Chaos items appear in several other games besides AQWorlds, like DragonFable and HeroSmash. The Supreme Commander armor in HeroSmash even describes Chaos itself.
  • As of recently, Chaos characters have been added to Oversoul, with the first one being Chaos Drakath.
    • As a tribute to Chaos characters being released in Oversoul, the rare Chaotic Fiend of Nulgath item set was released on May 8th, 2015, which is based on the Drakath Fiend character in Oversoul.