Champion Drakath (monster)

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This is a challenge boss monster type of Drakath, for the NPC, click here, for different versions of the boss monster, click here, here, here, or here.
Champion Drakath (monster)
Level: 100
HP: 20,000,000
MP: 100
Difficulty: 5 (stars)
Exp: Depends on level
Class Points: Depends on rank.
Gold: Depends on level.
Inventory and Quest Item Drops
Inventory Items:
Quest Items:
Location: Champion Drakath (Location)
  • This boss has a Boss Shield that protects him from massive damage any damage done to him that goes over 50,000 is reduced but never below 50,000.
  • His attacks will always hit, but cannot crit.
  • Champion Drakath has a 30-second respawn timer.
  • His auto attack applies Chaorrupted, increasing damage taken by 100% and reducing Crit Chance by 25% for 60 seconds. It also ignores focus. At 10,000,000 HP, it becomes replaced by an empowered auto attack that does the same thing while also applying Crippled, which reduces Stength, Intellect, and Luck by 60% for 60 seconds.
  • Every time he loses 2,000,000 HP until he currently has 12,000,000 HP remaining, he unleashes an attack that applies Gaining Power to himself, which increases his damage output by 50% and stacks indefinitely while also dealing 3,000 damage to players. This plays the message, "Drakath gains power, and unleashes a destructive attack!"
  • At 10,000,000 HP, Drakath says, "Do you really think you stand a chance against me?", and transforms into his Prime form, applying Unleashed Chaos to himself which increases his Dodge and Haste by 100%.
  • Every time he loses 2,000,000 HP after transforming until he currently has 4,000,000 HP remaining, he unleashes an attack that has the same effect as his previous Gaining Power attack, while also applying Gaining Evasion to himself, which increases his Dodge by 20% and stacks indefinitely, while also dealing 3,500 damage to players. This plays the message, "Drakath gains power and evasion, and unleashes a catastrophic attack!"
  • At 2,000,000 HP, Drakath says, "I WILL NOT LOSE EVERYTHING! NOT AGAIN!" and charges up a meteor attack. This lasts 20 seconds while also applying Summoning Meteor to himself, which increases his damage taken by 750% and reducing his dodge by 750%. Players should take this time to finish him off quickly before he can have the chance to use his meteor attack, as once the channeling ends before they can do so, he will use his meteor attack to deliver instant death to all players while ignoring focus. If a player somehow survives this attack, Drakath will restore his HP, increase his damage output by 10,000% and apply a fatal DoT instant death to that player.