Battleon NPCs

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Current NPCs in this area and function

  1. Orion: Shop
  2. Cleric Joy: Where to go and Realm Quests
  3. Niamara: Realm Gem Quests
  4. Ragnar: Shop and Ragnar Quests (no longer avabile)
  5. Twilly: Seasonal and monthly shops and quests

List of NPCs in this area and function

  1. Arvio: Shop and go to Sandsea
  2. Artix: go to Swordhaven
  3. Astar: Shop
  4. Aranx: Birthday Shop (September 13)
  5. Cabdury (NPC): NPC for easter seasonal event with quests and shop
  6. Cave Painter: shop and quests from Dino Travel Stortline
  7. Dage the Birthday Boy: shop
  8. Daimyo (NPC): Birthday Shop (June 1)
  9. Ernie: Shop
  10. Itzachi: Shop
  11. Jack-O-Lantern (NPC): Shop during Mogloween
  12. Khuddar Khamundi: Black Market
  13. Lady Azjurai: Lady Azjurai Wedding Event
  14. Macho Taco: Taco Shop (October 4) and quest
  15. Mick Dundoo: Shop
  16. Pyromancer: Shop
  17. Quibble: Major Event and storyline shop with many shop and quests (? to fill in)
  18. Randor the Red: Birthday Shop (May 5)
  19. Rogarrk: Shop
  20. Tinsel: Frostvale seasonal event NPC with shops and quests
  21. Sausage: Leap Day Event NPC
  22. Sejeth: Shop
  23. SkyStalker: Shop
  24. Twiginator: Shop (April 21)
  25. Unlucky Dead Guy: Friday 13th event NPC
  26. Adak Amaroq: Frosotvale Shops (event)
  27. Ai No Miko: Akiba New Year Shops (event)
  28. Akiba Guard: Akiba Event
  29. Aria: Pet shop owner and (easter) event
  30. Balboa (NPC): Battle Pet Shop
  31. Beleen: Birthday Shop and April Fool's day Events
  32. Belo Pássaro: Carnval Event
  33. Captain Stratos: Birthday Shop
  34. Chairman Platinum: Ebilcorp takeover event
  35. Cysero: Cysero Birthday and Wedding Events
  36. Dage the Evil: Evil War and shops
  37. Deady: Friday 13th Event
  38. Dumoose: PTR shop
  39. Dusk: shop
  40. George Lowe: Friday 13th Event:
  41. Iadoa (NPC): 9th chaos lord
  42. J6: Wedding and Birthday events
  43. Kimberly: Mutiple events
  44. Mazumi: Ninja Shop
  45. Mitsu Bishi: Akiba Shop
  46. Nulgath: Evil War
  47. Oishii: Pancake Day Event NPC
  48. Samba: Carnval Event NPC
  49. Voltaire: Friday 13th Event NPC