April Fool's Day '10

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  • Everything in Battleon turned gold, and every one was a 'mod'.
  • Furthermore, there was no shop.


  • Quote from design notes:

"Due to a freak bug in the newly released auto-mod tool, which selects certain players to be moderators based on their in-game behaviour... All 11 million players of the game have been promoted to Mod status with a Gold Name! Meanwhile, the auto-mod tool demoted the entire staff! (...including Artix, Cysero, Beleen, J6, Miltonius, Reens and Minimal!)

For the longest time the top question asked by players is, "Can I be a Mod" and "Can I have more gold?". When players were asked what they thought of being a Mod in the town of Battleon, they responded, "Being a Mod is nice, but this isn't what I meant when I said give us more gold." Oh... and Happy April Fools!"

  • After the Event:

"Before our big double release tonight (The Cyborg, Dragon + Vampire + Werewolf... Chaos Beast & the seasonal Grenwog event) we wanted to thank you for such a fun time yesterday. We really hope you enjoyed the April Fools prank. The concept of 11 million Mods and only 8 players still makes me chuckle. For the team it was a blast -- we spent the entire day running around asking you all if we could be mods. You played your role perfectly!

There were a few people who did not catch on that it was a joke. So I would like to make sure everyone knows that there is no such thing as an "Auto Mod" (yet?), and there was no bug yesterday. Well, at least not any more bugs than usual O_O

We did April Fools releases in all 5 of our web based games. In the original AdventureQuest they switched the genders of all the NPCS! (Galanoth did not warn Artix before he logged in.... terrifying result) In DragonFable players logged in and found themselves in AQWorld's starting town! EpicDuel released prank items and made their staff characters available to fight! MechQuest players were told that the game was getting an audio upgrade. Korin secretly replaced ALL laser, missile, and cannon sounds in the game with spoken "Pew Pew" and "Woooooosh" sounds."