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Explorer of the Ruins
  • Before Quests:
    • Hey! Wait! How'd you get here? You'd better go back to Mobius and talk to Renn and Zio before you try to poke around here.
  • After Quests:
    • Hi there! You've come to look for the third piece of the Runix Cube, hmmm? I've been exploring these ruins for quite some time now, and I've found out some pretty interesting things.
  • It appears that the people who inhabited this city fought with the Faeries and the town of Mobius over the Runix Cube. A scroll that I found talks about a truce that was reached between the three sides of the battle.
A Truce?
  • Each side was charged with protecting one-third of this mysterious Runix Cube. There is just one problem... no-one can remember what the Runix Cube is for! All we know is that it is incredibly powerful!
  • Shortly after I found mention of the Cube, these creatures appeared! I haven't been able to search since they showed up. Help me get rid of them and find that last piece of the Cube!
I'll Help!
  • All right! Since you think you can help... let's get started!
  • After Quests:
    • Great! You found what I was looking for, as well as what you needed! You should return to Renn and Zio in Mobius to let them know of your findings. Thank you so much, you are a true adventurer!
Location: Cornelis
Services: None