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First Acolyte to the High Priest of Air
Text: Oh, Hero! I do not know what will become of us! My home, look at my home! Wretched, wasted, torn by violent elemental clashing. The purity of the ai I love, sullied, as dark as the void in my heart when I think of what Desoloth has done to my home!


I should be braver. I come from a long line of Priests. My greatmother was a High Priest of Air many centuries ago. But I am afraid. My Master, As'iiur, has been acting so frightened… when he thinks no one sees. But an Acolyte must know MORE thank what he is told if he wants to rise through the ranks.
Location: Air Storm
Services: Ang'st House Shop


  • Ang'st ends up succeeding As'iiur as High Priest of Air following his death.