Akiba Guard

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Akiba Guard
Guards of Akiba.
  • Akiba Guard 1:
This year's Tournament fighters look a lot more dangerous than last
year's… but NOBODY can defeat Ryoku. He's the greatest fighter that
I've ever seen!
  • Akiba Guard 2:
I look foward to the Dragon Koi Tournament every year! Someday, if I
keep training, I hope to enter the tournament myself.
  • Akiba Guard 3:
I don't recognize you. We don't get a lot of people from the main
continent here on Yokai Isle. As long as you behave, you are welcome in
  • Akiba Guard 4:
I love pulling duty here in the Shopping District of Akiba. There is so
much to see and buy! Obaasan sells house items and tells the best
stoeies about Yokai, Nekomimi's cosplay shop always has the coolest
costumes and Kunuichi may seem very serious but she cares a lot about
the people of Akiba. That's wy she teaches them to defend themselves.
Their heads change for every Chinese New Year Event. For example, their heads were white tigers during Chinese New Year 2010, then Rabbit during Chinese New Year 2011.