Agent Sloan

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Agent Sloan
Silent Sentinel
Text: I'm sorry for the deception, but I can see that you understand why it was necessary. There is a problem inside the Guardians, and the Silent Sentinels have to discover the source but I can't move on my own. I need you to be me eyes and hands.
Location: Guardian Tower
Services: Talk

The Guardians job is to protect the people of Lore, but no power as strong as the Guardians can go unchecked. The Silent Sentinels are a secret group within the Guardians that protect the security interests of the Guardians and the land. Although we sometimes conscript useful members from the outside order, we all guard the Guardians from within.

Officially, The Silent Sentinels don't exist. We opperate in insulated cells to protect our identities from each other. We've been following your career closely and know what you can do. Since I can't take direct action without revealing myself and the existence of the Silent Sentinels, I need you to move for me.