Adventure Coins

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  • Adventure Coins are a highly valuable currency that can be bought with real-life currency.
  • These coins are purchased in order to unlock many new things in AQ Worlds such as houses, weapons, capes, and more.
  • These are the only way to get some items and can be won in extremely small amounts, one possible way is through Ballyhoo.
  • If you want to obtain them without buying you can either search using their toolbar OR using AQW's AExtra's menu on the homepage. From there you can do things from sponsoring partners to achieve AC Coins.
  • There is an AC Shop available in Battleon, where some of the known AC items can be bought. AC items are all over Lore though, so keep looking for their shops!
  • And good news recently is that you will NOT able to delete your AC items from your bag, but if you want to remove completely your AC item(s), you may sell at any shops.
  • All items bought with AC's can be stored in the bank for free, but this also includes the Gold and Onyx Starswords, which are now worth 0 AC's