Admiral Hugo

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Admiral Hugo


Admiral Hugo, a Skyguard Admiral. Captain Stratos sent him to Aegis to lead the fleet protecting it.

Important Text

SkyGuard Admiral

Ahoy, *Player Name*! How do you do? I'm here on behalf of the Skyguard. Captain Stratos sent me here personally to lead the fleet protecting Aegis. It's so peaceful here. Unlike the battlefield, where you are on edge from start to finish. It's nice to get a break from the war and relax here. With the Alliance still going strong, we have had even few attempts to take Aegis, making this one of the safest strongholds on Lore!

Captain Stratos?

Ah, that's right! Last time you saw Captain Stratos he was on a crashing Phereless! Don't worry! He survived! The Phereless however… not so much. But with the help of Empress Gravelyn's mages, we were able to assemble all the pieces back together with a binding spell, so it's as good as new! In exchange for their help, we helped reassemble Shadowfall with some of our skyguard tech, as you saw in Embersea.