A Frogdrake's Love Story

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Location info
Level Required: 1
Location: Water Storm
Monsters and NPCs
Monster Generation: N/A
Monster List: N/A (Click on Arrows around the map)
NPCs: Ll'rillor
Required to Complete Quest
Turn In: Crystallized Frogdrake Flame x13
Total Experience: 700 Exp
Total Gold: 700 Gold
Total Reputation: 700 Rep: Etherstorm
Equipment Won: N/A
This quest can only be completed once.
The flames of passion cannot be quenched, even in the wetlands. Did you know that female Frograkes only accept a mate with the most flamboyant flame? No? Then you must go and see them! If the conditions are right, the flames will crystallize. Gather 13 crystallized Frogdrake flames so I can break the fire-water bond.