8 Track Day

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8 Track Day
8th Track Day is when a funk-tastic horc comes from the past for one week only.He has quest consisting of fixing and finding his parts to his 8th track player. After his quest you can fight him for his drops.
Location Info
Level Required: Any
Location: /join party
Exits To: Battleon
Quests and Monsters
  • Peace, Love, and Rock Elemental
  • Gearheads, man
  • Boogie On!
  • Monsters: Disco Stoo'pid
    NPCs and Shops
    NPCs: Disco Stoo'pid
    Shops: None
  • Disco Stoo'pid cannot be fought if you haven't finished all the quests.
  • There's was a map same like it called Disco's Crib.