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An unnamed Dark Dealer.


He's serving a higher power that isn't the Shadowscythe/Mysterious Stranger yet to be named.

Important text

The Dark Dealer

Greetings. I've been expecting you, *Player Name*.


No doubt you have more questions. But they will have to wait.

Who are you?

Your fate is an interesting matter, *Player Name*. Subject to the whim of many. And open to the highest bidder. The one I serve has quite an interest in you.

Your master?

If you consider Nulgath the Archfiend or Dage the Lich King to be powerful beings, then you are sorely…mistaken.

Shadowrise Tower?

The tower was created long ago by the architects of my race. Long before even the Shadowscythe came to power. And one day, we shall return to claim it.


In the grand scheme of things, this city is but a stepping stone for a higher power. A darkness you cannot hope to avoid.


Several…unexpected…events have been set in motion. Some of which I did not foresee. The Queen's awakening…as well as the Stranger's return. But they will be dealt with. All in due time.


  • Currently resides in Dreadrock Citadel.
  • More of him and his master may be known in the near future.